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Deep in the ground under the Sunnydale campus, Riley and his fellow commandos are suiting up for patrolling. Buffy walks slowly down a suburban street, carrying a crossbow. Riley walks across a park and then comes into view of the clock tower, where he can see shadowy figures moving about. He goes to investigate.

We see a yellow sticky note with "Willow #214 Stevenson" written on it. My sister pointed out that 214 could have been chosen to represent Valentine's Day. I would never have noticed that; my mind doesn't work that way. Tara grabs the Post-It and some other supplies and leaves her dorm room. She walks across a dark empty lawn on campus, checking over her shoulders and looking scared. Tara's outfit here looks like something a college student would actually wear, and although it's not my style, I'm relieved to not have to be looking at another fashion atrocity. She hurries along but trips and drops her stack of books. As she frantically tries to gather them up, she hears a quiet jingling and turns to see two Gentlemen cruising towards her with their asylum-escapee henchmen loping along at their heels. She leaves the books (good girl) and begins to run towards Stevenson Hall. The Gentlemen pursue her. Elsewhere, Buffy spots a single Gentleman floating towards a house, and when she moves to get a better look, one of the loony lackeys leaps out at her. Meanwhile, Tara runs down a dorm hallway pounding on doors, but although some students wake up, no one will let her in. The Gentlemen draw closer and Tara runs for the dorm stairwell. Buffy fights the lackey and his wacky companion and kills them both. She takes off running.

Riley enters the clock tower holding his taser gun and carefully begins to look around. He's attacked by one of the strait-jacketed crazy dudes and whacks him down with a telescoping stick he pulls out of his boot. Another lackey grabs him.

Tara races up the stairs and begins pounding on another door. The noise wakes Willow, who is dozing at her desk. Tara continues to pound and pound until the door is answered by a Gentleman holding a bloody heart. The two Gentlemen who were pursuing Tara come into view. Tara races down the hall and slams directly into Willow who has stepped out of her room. The girls stare in horror at the macabre, gesturing villains and run back down the dorm stairs.

Riley is still fighting off henchmen over at the clock tower when Buffy bursts in through a boarded-up window. The two battle the lackeys for a while and end up in a standoff, taser gun pointed directly at crossbow. Each recognizes the other with shock. Riley and Buffy then continue to fight the minions of the Gentlemen. Transcribing action scenes isn't my strong point, okay?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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