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I Only Have Eyes For You

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I Only Have Eyes For You

In the library, Giles hears yelling in the hall. He leaves his desk and goes to investigate, whispering, "Jenny." As Giles watches, Bugsy holds the gun on Ms. Frank and then fires. Giles hides himself in a doorway, and we see the stunned Ms. Frank grab her chest and then tumble backwards off the second-floor walkway onto the stairs below. Bugsy turns and runs, and Giles leaps out and tackles him. Bugsy drops the gun, and it skids across the floor and vanishes into a wisp of smoke. Disoriented, Bugsy demands, "What's going on?" and Giles breaks the unpleasant news to him that he just shot a woman.

A deserted mansion at night. I love the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House exterior on this place. Angelus, naturally clad in his leather pants of decadent evil, shows Spike and Dru into the garden. Dru is delighted, declaring it "fairyland," and she'd know, the eldritch bitch. Spike, in his wheelchair, snarks about the big windows and gardens having a negative effect on their health, and Angel takes a few digs at his paralyzed condition. "If you don't like it, Spike, hit the stairs and go. Take a stand, man." God, Angelus is ever so much more entertaining than Angel. He should have come back from Hell in season three as a really pissed-off Angelus. More growly jabs ensue between the vying males, and Angelus seems to win the exchange when he strokes Dru's face with a flower, causing her to quiver with delight.

The next morning, Giles has gathered Buffy, Willow, and Xander at the library and is explaining his experience with Bugsy the janitor. He tells them the incident was just like the one Buffy interrupted, and that he and the police couldn't find the gun. He's certain as to what is going on, and when Xander asks for clarification, Giles says the ghost is obviously Jenny. The gang stares at him, equal parts doubtful and sympathetic. Aw, poor Giles. The gang tries to convince him that the spirit isn't Jenny, because of the gun and the specific fights the couples are having, but Giles doesn't want to hear any dissent. He says he's "clearly right."

Willow, Xander, and Buffy close themselves in the empty computer classroom, discussing Giles's strange behavior. Xander expresses confusion: "I know. He's usually Investigate-Things-From-Every-Boring-Angle Guy. Now he's I-Cling-Onto-My-One-Lame-Idea Guy. What gives?" Buffy can relate a little to Giles's pain, saying that he misses Ms. Calendar and can't think. "Just a little more fallout from my love life," she pouts. Well, she doesn't really pout. It's like pouting, only less sulky, but somehow still very self-indulgent. Bah, my vocabulary fails me in my hour of need. They decide to research killings that happened at the school, and Willow instantly pulls up a newspaper on the computer with a headline that reads, "Sunnydale High Jock Kills Lover, Self." Let's not even get into the improbability of Sunnydale High newspapers, or even city newspapers from the 1950s, being scanned and available on-line, 'kay? ["Or of their calling someone a 'jock' in the headline. Wouldn't they use the word 'athlete'?" -- Sars] Willow paraphrases the story of James and the teacher having a rumored affair that she attempted to end. After he killed her, he went into the music room and there shot himself. When Xander asks when the murder/suicide occurred, Buffy replies, "1955." A little later, she shows them a 1955 yearbook like the one she encountered in Snyder's office. She tells them of her dream featuring the teacher, Grace Newman, and the student, James Stanley. Willow confirms that James was the murderer in the news story. Buffy calls James a "sicko" for killing someone because she couldn't love him, and Xander says he was "dumb" for killing someone and himself. Willow, ever the utterly hopeless romantic, asks if the others don't feel a little sorry for the doomed lovers. Buffy feels sorry for Grace but wants James to pay for being a murderer. They decide the ghost is James, and Willow proposes finding a way to determine what the James ghost wants. Buffy snaps that she doesn't care what he wants; she just wants to stop him before anyone else gets killed.

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