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I Only Have Eyes For You

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I Only Have Eyes For You

At the mansion, Spike and Angelus are (what else?) squabbling. Dru has a vision, and it seems she's still inflicted with that unfortunate case of full-body Tourette's. Angel needles Spike about being "special-needs boy" and makes a thinly veiled sexual innuendo in Dru's direction while nestling his head against her stomach. I don't know why Spike is so hung up on Dru these days -- he's far too good for her and it's obvious that she's very much enjoying playing her suitors off of each other. I guess that's just what you get when your girlfriend is literally a blood-sucking demon.

Willow walks cautiously along the quiet hallway off the school. As she passes a door, it's opened suddenly and she screams. Her fright causes Giles to cry out as well. Giles questions why Willow is even at the school, and when Willow deflects Giles's question back at him, he stammers that he's trying to contact Jenny. He turns to go back into the library but is stopped by a pungent odor. Willow explains that it's her scapula; Giles tells her that she's quite clever for using sulfur, and then warns her that he expects some paranormal activity and that she should seek safety.

In the girls' bathroom, Cordelia walks up to (what else?) the mirror. After setting her candle and flashlight on the shelf, she pulls the bandage off of her cheek and inspects the tiny, tiny fang wounds that look about as threatening as the red Crayola marker dots that they are.

Cut to Buffy walking down another hall. The strains of "I Only Have Eyes For You" float through the air. She walks towards the sound through a set of double doors. Further down, she sees a poster advertising the Sadie Hawkins Dance of '55. She peers through the window and sees James and Grace slow dancin'. Sigh...statutory rape is so damn romantic. ["It worked on Dawson's Creek." -- Sars]

Cafeteria. Xander. Snakes.

Willow walks up a short flight of stairs and pauses on the landing, glancing worriedly around her.

Buffy is still watching James and Grace dancing. As they sway and slowly turn to the music, Buffy sees that James's face is all green and rotted. Buffy stares back in shock, and the couple disappears.

In the bathroom, Cordelia retrieves her compact and after fumbling through her purse she looks back up in the mirror. One entire side of her face is in the early stages of Freddy Krueger disease. Heh. I have to say that the poltergeist sure knows the best way to get under Cordelia's skin.

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