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I Only Have Eyes For You

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I Only Have Eyes For You

Back to Willow. She sets her black taper on the floor, and the linoleum starts to swirl like quicksand. A green demon bit reaches up and grabs her leg, pulling her into the floor. She grabs the stair rail and starts screaming at the top of her lungs for Giles. He hears her cries and takes off running, shouting, "Where are you?" Willow loses her grip on the railing and has almost sunk completely when Giles turns the corner into the student lounge and sees her. He clambers up the stairs and grabs onto her arm and begins pulling. The pit is winning. Ever so slowly, Giles manages to free Willow, and the force of Giles's exertion cannonballs her into Giles and they tumble down the stairs.

At the balcony, Buffy decides to put on her scapula. She seems to be distracted by something in the distance, and then she has a vision of James chasing Grace into the hall. He yells at Grace to stop and she turns to face him. She tells him to calm down, but as James is shaking the gun at her, it fires. Grace's hands fly to her chest and cover the bullet wound. She pulls her hand away and gapes at the blood on her hand. James walks into the band room and puts on a record. Crying, he raises his gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Then we're back with Buffy on the balcony as rotty James grabs her and orders her to "get out!" Poor confused 'geist. If he doesn't want her there, why did he show her the yearbook? He fades, and Buffy takes a few stunned steps backwards.

Willow and Giles are still recovering on the stairs when Willow says through tears, "Giles. Jenny could never be this mean." Giles soberly admits that he doesn't think the spirit is her anymore. The clock chimes midnight, which spurs Willow to action. She grabs her candle and...

...cut to a nervous Cordelia, who stands poised with her candle and lighter. Buffy, in her position, strikes a match and lights the candle. Back on the landing, Willow struggles to light her candle. Giles crouches beside her, relieves her of the lighter, and manages to ignite the wick. Ex-smokers seem to have an affinity with lighters. Willow begins chanting, and we cut to Cordy, who lights her candle and says, "I shall totally confront and expel all evil." Cut to Xander sitting cross-legged on a table, his candle in front of him, hands clasped and eyes closed. "Out of marrow and bone..." On the balcony Buffy finishes, "Out of house and home. Never to come here again." Cut back to Willow and Giles. Nothing much seems to be happening. Don't they have to chant it more than once? In unison? Something? Cut to Buffy. A sudden breeze blows her candle out. Then Willow's. Then Xander's. Then Cordelia's. Nobody tries to re-light their candles, even though it seems obvious that if you're in the middle of an exorcism and something tries to blow out your candle, it's a safe bet that you want your damn candle to be burning strong. Anyway, Giles and Willow descend the stairs and peer down the hall. There's a faint buzzing in the air that grows louder, until at the far end of the hall a cloud of wasps or bees has formed and is headed right towards them. "Oh my God!" cries out Giles, and he and Willow break into a full sprint. They round a corner and are joined by Buffy and Cordelia. Enter Xander from the cafeteria. As the gang reaches the end of the hall, Giles tries the door, but it's still stuck. Buffy tells him to get back, and with one well-placed kick the glass shatters and the door is knocked out of its frame. They reach the curb and turn to survey the school. "Check it," says Xander. "I'd say school's out for good." The wasps have formed a buzzing barrier around the school so that nothing can get through. Giles takes off his glasses to see, uh, worse.

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