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I Only Have Eyes For You

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I Only Have Eyes For You

The gang has reconvened at Buffy's house and are taking refreshments in the living room. Giles bright-sides, "The good news is none of you girls were shot." So is it bad news that Xander wasn't shot, or does Giles just consider him one of the girls? Either way, that's not too flattering. They continue discussing James's spirit; Giles explains that he's trying to "resolve whatever issues are keeping him in limbo. Wh-wh-what exactly those are, I'm not..." "He wants forgiveness," interrupts Buffy, who is not seated in the living room with the others but rather standing off to one side with arms crossed, leaning against a wall. Giles explains that forgiveness is impossible, and Buffy snaps, "Good. He doesn't deserve it." Giles gently reproves Buffy, saying, "Forgiveness is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it." "No," retorts Buffy ardently, "James destroyed the one person he loved the most in a moment of blind passion. And that's not something you forgive. No matter why he did what he did. And no matter if he knows now that it was wrong and selfish and stupid, it is just something he's gonna have to live with." Xander points out that, strictly speaking, James isn't living with anything these days, and Buffy storms off into the kitchen. Everyone gets that she's really talking about herself and Angel there and not James, right? Oh good. I just want to make sure everyone playing along at home can keep up.

In the kitchen, Buffy reaches into her leather jacket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. She unfolds it to reveal a flyer for the Sadie Hawkins Dance of '55. She sets the flyer on the kitchen island, and as a faint male voice says, "I need you," she takes off out the kitchen door.

Back in the living room, Willow wonders if they should go back inside the school; Giles counsels against it, saying that "the spirit is too angry, too too powerful."

Buffy stands before the school, which is still surrounded by wasps. She walks up to the entrance, and the cloud parts to let her in. The doors open for her, and after she enters the swarm closes up behind her.

Back at the Summers' house, Willow goes into the kitchen to look for Buffy, but when she sees the flyer on the counter, she immediately figures out the situation. The gang assembles outside the school to...do nothing, because they can't get past the swarm of wasps.

Inside, Buffy is walking slowly down a hallway. Near the trophy case, she turns around, and Angelus walks up behind her. "Fun fact about wasps," he begins, "they have no taste for the undead. Not that a sting would do me any damage, it's just tonight. Tonight's special. I wanted to look my best for you." Buffy quietly says, "You're the only one. The only person I can talk to." Oh, I get it. Buffy is possessed by James but Angelus doesn't know that. "Gosh, Buffy. That's really pathetic," sneers Angel. Juffy turns to face him and continues, "You can't make me disappear just because you say it's over." "Actually," says Angel menacingly while stepping closer to Juffy, "I can. In fact..." Beat. "...I just want you to be able to have some kind of normal life. We can never have that. Don't you see?" Oh, so when Angelus got close to Juffy, he got caught in the spirit's thrall as well. So Juffy and Grangel continue to play out the same scene, with Juffy eventually shooting Grangel. Juffy slowly walks to the music room, and then we see Grangel lying, uh, undead at the foot of the stairs. His eyes open suddenly. In the band room, Juffy puts on a record, and "I Only Have Eyes For You" fills the room. She looks into a mirror, and the shot changes to an over-the-shoulder angle to let us see that it's James's reflection. The camera pans from Juffy's face down to the gun clasped in her shaking hand. She starts to raise it slowly, but a hand covers hers and pushes it back down. Juffy turns to find Grangel looking at her. Grangel tells Juffy not to kill herself, but she protests. Grangel reassures her that it was an accident. Juffy tries to protest some more, but Grangel hushes her with a "shhh. I'm the one who should be sorry, James. You thought I stopped loving you. But I never did. I loved you with my last breath." Juffy sobs. My spell check suggested that I replace "Shhh" with "Shah." Thinking about how different that would make the line sound cracks me up. This scene is very sad with the reunited lovers and all, but the message that Grace loved James with her dying breath really skeeves me out. Way to glamorize illegal co-dependent homicidal love, Joss. Cutting back and forth between 1955 and the present, Grace and James kiss, as do Juffy and Grangel. They're enveloped in a bright light as the spirits of James and Grace find peace and depart. Suddenly the light is gone, and Buffy and Angel stop kissing and open their eyes. "Angel?" queries Buffy softly. Angelus growls and pushes Buffy away sharply, running from the room.

Later that evening, the gang has gathered in the library to discuss the events. Buffy is recovering in Giles's office, and he asks how she is doing. Buffy forlornly replies, "James picked me. I guess...I guess I was the one he could relate to. He was so sad." She continues, "A part of me just doesn't understand why she would forgive him." "Does it really matter?" asks Giles.

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