Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I Only Have Eyes For You

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I Only Have Eyes For You

At the mansion, shirtless Angelus stands near a fountain of some sort, scrubbing himself furiously. Spike: "You might want to let up. They say when you've drawn blood, you've exfoliated." Angelus snarls that he was violated, and that Spike couldn't understand since he didn't "have this thing" in him. Drusilla: "What was it? A demon?" Angelus: "No. Love!" Ah, love. The worst of all the demons. Apparently, the only cure for the love disease is a "real vile kill." I'll have to remember that next time I'm suffering from some sort of heartache. Drusilla is up for a trip to the grocery store that is the pre-dawn streets of Sunnydale and invites Spike to come along. Angelus disagrees, saying that Spike would slow them down too much, and calls over his shoulder, "Try to have fun without me." "Oh I will," says Spike, who slowly stands up from his wheelchair and kicks it viciously away. "Sooner than you think." Hey, what happened to those other people that James possessed, like Bugsy the custodian? It kinda sucks that he'll probably have to do some serious jail time for killing Ms. Frank while possessed. Poor Bugsy can't catch a break, because I guess after he serves his jail time he decides to relocate to New England to try his hand at swordfishing, and we all know how that turned out.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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