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Pointless shrivel

Buffy and Willow exchange a look, and Willow goes to comfort a sulking Xander, patting his shoulder sweetly. They gather themselves together and all four of them walk out silently, Giles looking over his shoulder as they leave. Shouldn't they, I don't know, clean up? Even a little? Wouldn't leaving all of Giles's gluing stuff there, and the mummy all broken on the ground...you know what? Forget it.

The next day at school, Xander apologizes for brooding, but Buffy -- who's wearing a wicked pair of lavender Hush Puppies that I will own -- tells him he doesn't have to talk. Xander crabs that, "present company excluded," he has the worst taste in women "of anyone in the world. Ever." Tough to argue that, but Buffy sweetly reminds him that "Ampata wasn't evil...at least, not to begin with, and I do think she cared about you." Xander comments that the whole mummy-job thing "would have been a strain on the relationship," but Buffy, just when I felt positive towards her for comforting Xander so nicely, makes it all about her again by "explaining" that Ampata "was gypped -- she was just a girl, and she had her life taken away from her!" They stop walking, and Buffy says that, when she heard the prophecy of her own death, she "wasn't exactly obsessed with doing the right thing." Oh, no need to remind us. "Yeah, but you did," Xander says. "You gave up your life." "I had you to bring me back," Buffy smiles. Okay, okay: aw.

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