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Later on, Ampata -- who, in a nice touch, is also wearing Famous Original Ampata's undershirt and boxers -- bounces on the mattress, testing it out. Buffy comes in. Chit-chat about the "teeniness" of Buffy's room; Ampata, of course, says that her old one "was much smaller." Then Buffy asks what it's like back home, and Ampata, of course, describes it as "cramped, and very dead." We still get it, you know. Buffy says that Ampata will feel right at home in Sunnydale, then, but Ampata protests that Buffy has "so much here," and picks up a framed picture of the gang; that prompts Buffy to ask about Ampata's friends, but she says that "it is just [her]." Buffy's sympathetic, but says Ampata will meet lots of people the next day. Ampata wants Buffy to help her fit in: "Just like you. A normal life." "One normal life, coming up," Buffy glums. Shut up, Buffy. She switches off the light, and we cut outside to the bushes, where Copperfieldo Lamas lurks threateningly.

Yay! Oh, you'll see. So, the next day at school, Cordelia is informing Devon that she won't be "one of [his] groupies." Andrew Shue has groupies? Yeah, okay, I know, but seriously, Devon looks a lot like him, except that Devon's cuter and a marginally better actor. Then again, so is an overcooked turnip. Anyway, enter Sven, an expressionless lunk in a horrid sweater, who approaches Cordy as she's flirting with Devon and is met with a bossy hand-wave and a "Sven...momento! Need-a!" Hee. Cordy bitches about how much Sven sucks ("They don't even speak American!"), pops Devon a smooch, and heads off. Sven just stands there, staring dully in Devon's direction. Cordy turns around, issues a "Sven! Come?" and whaps her notebook against her leg just like you would do to call a dog. It's mean, but -- hee again. Devon just snorts and then walks over to ask Oz -- Oz! Yay! -- what he thinks of Cordelia. The answer is, unsurprisingly, not much. Devon needles him, asking what a girl has to do to impress him, and Oz admits, "Well, it involves a feather boa and the theme to A Summer Place." Hey, I love that song! Squee! Call me, Oz! Devon says he's "too picky," and reminds him that playing lead guitar is catnip to the ladies. Oz whatevers that it's not that he's picky; it's that Devon isn't: "You're impressed by any pretty girl that can walk and talk." Devon, really sincerely: "She doesn't have to talk." Heh. Oz rolls his eyes and walks off. Oz! Call me! We'll talk! Well, you probably won't talk that much -- in fact, you used up your talking quota for, like, an entire season in that last scene, but that's okay! You can just re-dye your hair while I tell you about my day! Eeeeee!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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