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Semi-cute cut to Willow enthusing about her costume to Xander. Xander, by contrast, is stressing about the "mocking alternatives" available should he pick the wrong culture in which to costume himself. Willow suggests Bavarian attire, but Xander nixes it on the grounds that, well, lederhosen: "They make my calves look fat." Ha...ha? Willow asks why he's "suddenly so worried about looking like an idiot," then starts to backtrack that that came out wrong (although I think the original phrasing's fine), but Xander's not listening; he's gazing lustfully at Ampata, who's walking up the school steps with Buffy.

Buffy asks Ampata if she's nervous. She's not; it's just more people than she's seen in a long time. We. Get. It. Thank you. Buffy reassures her, and says she knows someone who's dying to meet Ampata (well, so to speak).

Cut to the library, where Giles shakes Ampata's hand with a dazzling smile -- mmm, Classic Giles -- and then immediately hands over the Anthropologie fragment and asks Ampata if she can translate it. As Buffy busts on Giles for committing awkwardness, Ampata stares at the fragment in dismay. "Is something wrong?" Buffy asks, but Ampata pretends there isn't and wants to know why Giles is asking her. He tells her that it's from the tomb of an Incan mummy, actually, one from Ampata's region, and they want to translate it for...for..."our archaeology club," Willow pipes up helpfully. "Very good," Giles super-texts, sipping his tea. Ampata asks what happened to the other pieces, but that's all the Scoobs found. Ampata frowns and tells Giles that it's very old and valuable, and that they "should hide it!" Giles more or less ignores that suggestion and asks if she recognizes any of the pictograms, like "this chappie with a knife." Ampata thinks that one represents a bodyguard; according to legend, he "guards the mummy against those who would disturb her." Exchanging a look with Buffy, Giles says that it's "a very good starting point for our, um...club." Buffy takes her cue and babbles for a bit about all the "stuff...dull stuff!" she has to do as club president, and starts to suggest that Willow hang with Ampata for the day, but Xander volunteers himself for that job. The two of them leave, and Willow mournfully watches them go. Giles says he'll work on the translation, and tells Buffy to research "this bodyguard thing, and Willow, you...Willow?" Willow, still gazing after the departing Xampater, sighs that they really like each other.

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