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Back at the library, Giles brings Ampata a cup of tea as Willow wonders what C.L. wants with them. Xander relays that C.L. said, "Give me the seal," and Giles notes that it's more popular than they thought. He wonders aloud what they should do with it. Ampata says firmly, "Destroy it." Giles: "[Eyebrow.]" Ampata: "If you do not, someone could die." Buffy looks uneasy as Giles tells Ampata that someone already has died; Ampata asks if the bodyguard killed someone, so Buffy hems and haws for a minute, and Ampata accuses them of not telling her everything. "You're right, Ampata," Xander says in his most manly voice. "And it's time we do." He starts to tell her that it's not an archaeology club, which prompts a pointed cough from Giles and a "Shut. UP." look from Buffy, so Xander goes on to say that it's a crime club, "which is like the chess club, only with crime, and...no chess." Well said, Xander. Except not really. Ampata doesn't care about that; the seal nearly got them killed, she says, and "it must be destroyed!" She storms out of the library. Buffy shoots Xander an "ohhh-kay then" look, which he returns with a "I know, right?" look before he goes after Ampata, and as he trots off, Buffy shoots Willow a "the hell?" look. Heh.

In the hall outside the library, Ampata fidgets. Xander comes out and tries to reassure her that he'll protect her, but Ampata wisely blows that off, telling him that their investigation is dangerous and she doesn't want it: "Just normal life!" She stomps off to...get a dramatic drink from the water fountain. All righty, then. Willow comes out to see if she's okay, and Xander explains that Ampata's "wigged," and he's trying to explain to her that "our lives aren't just danger around here." Willow takes one for the team by suggesting that Xander take Ampata to the dance, just the two of them. Xander beams at Willow that she's his best friend, and as he walks back over to Ampata, Willow sighs to herself, "I know."

In the library, Giles and Buffy try to figure out what the bodyguard wants with the seal, theorizing that he wants to put their fragment together with the other pieces. A plan is formulated to go back to the museum and look for said other pieces, but that means Buffy can't go to the dance. Buffy pouts. Aaaand scene.

Xander and Ampata walk down the stairs as Xander says he has something to tell her, and "it's kind of a secret and it's a little bit scary." You said a mouthful, Xander -- Ampata really needs to switch to a different style of jeans, because if that bodyguard wants to protect the world from anything, it's that awful case of camel toe she's sporting in this scene. I mean, YIKES, people. Oh, wait -- Xander actually wants to tell her that he likes her a lot, and to invite her to the dance. Boring banter reveals that she likes him too. He asks if she's a praying mantis. Ha. Ha. Boring banter about going to the ladies' room, which Ampata then does.

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