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Innocence (2)

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Innocence (2)

Buffy comes in through the kitchen door, her hair perfectly coiffed and makeup artfully applied in an apartment that probably has no mirrors. Say what you will about Buffy, but she has her talents, so I'm sorry I said she didn't in my "Puppet Show" recap. She starts to head upstairs (to change those hideous pants, I hope) but she's stopped by Joyce's voice saying morning from off-camera. Buffy turns and heads back down. Mother and daughter engage in small talk. Buffy is visibly nervous. Joyce uses her Super Mom powers to discern that Buffy is troubled and asks her about it, but Buffy denies that anything is wrong.

Xander enters the library and tells the gang that the "bus depot was a total washout." He picks up on the worried vibe in the room and asks where Buffy is. Willow tells him that "she never checked in." Giles tells Xander that the Judge is probably assembled by now. Xander immediately starts planning to go to Spike's factory. "And do what? Besides be afraid and die?" pipes up Cordelia from her position on the counter. Xander has a snotty response, but Giles tells him that Cordelia has a good point. Xander angrily says, "Yeah? Well, those of us who were born with feelings are going to do something about this." Willow jumps on the bandwagon and says, "My God. You people are all -- well, I'm upset and I can't think of a mean word right now but that's what you are and we're going to the factory!" With that, she and Xander prepare to stomp out, but run right into Buffy. Xander tells her, "We were just going to rescue you." "Well, some of us were," amends Willow, with a pointed look at Giles. Jenny asks after Angel's whereabouts, but Buffy is surprised to learn that he hadn't checked in with the gang. Buffy tells everyone that the Judge is fully operational; Giles chides Buffy for not calling, and she makes up an excuse that she and Angel had to hide in the sewers and got split up. Giles asks Buffy for information about the Judge, and Buffy describes the feeling when she kicked him as a "sudden fever." Giles says that he will "continue researching," and I'm beginning to think that Giles has only three modes: "Research," "Tweedy British Guy," and "Off." He sends everyone off to their classes, even though they can't have more than two classes left because the clock in the library reads 1:00 PM. In the hallway, Willow catches up to Buffy to ask if she thinks that Angel "would have gone after the Judge himself." Buffy says she doesn't think so and says, "I just…I wish he'd contact me. I need to talk to him." The make their way up the stairs, and Jenny skulks around the corner and watches them.

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