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Innocence (2)

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Innocence (2)

At the Factory, Drusilla is lying on the table starting at the ceiling. Spike wheels over and asks if she's feeling better. Drusilla: "I'm naming all the stars." Spike: "You can't see the stars, love. That's the ceiling. Also, it's day." Drusilla: "I can see them. But I've named them all the same name and there's terrible confusion." Usually I think that Dru is a big crazy waste of space, but for some reason I still like that exchange. Spike asks her if she knows what will happen to Angel, and right on cue Angel strolls in, saying, "Well. He moves to New York and tries to fulfill that Broadway dream. It's tough sledding, but one day he's working in the chorus when the big star twists her ankle." So then what? Angel dresses in drag and plays her part? Anyway, more banter. Spike tells Angel to look over his shoulder, and Angel turns to see the Judge. The Judge feels Angel up, and Spike gloatingly says, "Hurts, doesn't it?" Angel calmly tells him that it "kinda itches a little." The Judge says, "This one cannot be burned. He is clean -- there is no humanity in him." Angel turns to Spike and says, "I couldn't have said it better myself." Dru coos, "Angel," and he replies, "Yeah, baby. I'm back," with an evil half-smirk. Dru and Spike are positively gleeful at this turn of events. Angelus (which I'm going to try to remember to call him from here on out, just to indicate his lack of soul (no, not in that way, sillies, although as a dead white guy, I'm sure he does lack soul)) lights a cigarette, thus proving that he is Truly Evil. Spike tells Angelus that "it made [him] sick -- seeing you as the Slayer's lap dog." Angelus growls at this and grabs Spike by his lapels. But then he kisses him on the forehead and everyone bursts into laughter. Dru leans towards Angelus and says, "Psst. We're going to destroy the world. Want to come?" Angelus talks them into waiting a night so he can harass Buffy. Spike: "You've really got a yen to hurt this girl, haven't you?" Angelus: "She made me feel like a human being. That's not the kind of thing you just forgive."

Back at the library, the gang is still researching. Willow is on the phone with Buffy. Still no sign of Angel. Xander slams his book shut and goes into the stacks to get a different one. Inside the stacks, Cordelia is also looking through a book. She shelves it, and Xander approaches her to apologize for snapping at her. Cordelia: "Well, I'm reeling from that new experience." Xander protests that he was "crazed" and he "wasn't thinking." Cordelia: "You were too busy rushing off to die for your beloved Buffy. You'd never die for me." Xander retorts that he "might die from you. Does that get me any points?" When Cordelia is not forthcoming, Xander suggests that they "kiss and make up." Cordelia says, "I don't want to make up. But I'm okay with the other part," she finishes with a wide smile. They kiss. As they pull apart, the camera pans back to show Willow standing there with a shocked and hurt look on her face. She runs off, and Xander goes after her. Outside the library, Willow is still sprinting away. Xander calls after her again and she stops to confront him: "I knew it! I knew it! Well, not 'knew' in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn't know." Xander says that he knows "it's weird." Which sets Willow off as she disgustedly says, "It's Cordelia! Remember? The, the 'We Hate Cordelia' club, of which you are the treasurer." I usually love Alyson Hannigan's work, but I think she went a little over the top in the delivery of that line. Xander tells her that she's overreacting and that kissing "doesn't mean that much." Oh, that's nice, Xander. Willow then breaks my heart by saying, "No. It just means that you'd rather be with someone you hate than be with me." Ouch. She runs off to leave Xander to his thoughts.

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