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Innocence (2)

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Innocence (2)

Buffy walks up to her house and reaches the door, but before she goes inside she reconsiders and turns around. The next shot shows her entering Angel's apartment. She walks to the bedroom to see a freshly made bed. See? Angel can't be all bad -- he still makes his bed. Shirtless Angel Doll walks into the frame behind Buffy and puts on a necklace. But -- he must be evil! Behold the leather pants! Buffy senses his presence and turns to see him. She crosses the room in, like, a single step and hugs him. They kiss. Buffy tells him how worried she was. She's crying tears of relief as she asks him why he disappeared, and Angelus replies, "Yeah. Like I really wanted to stick around after that." "What?" asks an anxious Buffy. "You've got a lot to learn about men, kiddo. Although I guess you proved that last night." Buffy says in a bewildered tone, "I, I don't understand. Was it m-me? Was I not good?" Oh, that hurts. This scene makes me teary. Of course Buffy is silly to think that anything was her fault, but she doesn't know that and her pain is so evident. Angelus sarcastically tells her that he "thought [she was] a real pro." Buffy is crying by this time, and Angel tells her not to make a big deal out of the situation. Buffy says that "it is a big deal." Angel laughs and coldly tells her, "Come on, Buffy. It's not like I've never been there before." He reaches out his hand to stroke her cheek but she pulls back, saying, "Don't touch me." Angel starts to go and says, "I should've known you wouldn't be able to handle it." Buffy yells, "Angel," to his departing back, and once she has his attention, she says softly, "I love you," in a last-ditch effort. Angel quips, "Love you too," in that fake Hollywood way and throws an "I'll call you," over his shoulder. He walks out, leaving a very sad little Buffy. Her confusion as to what has become of her sensitive, moping boyfriend gets me every time. Sniff.

Blah blah blah. Somewhere in Uncle Enyos's quarters, Jenny is trying to reason with him regarding Angel. He's not going for it. We learn that Angel's curse has been lifted because of the "true happiness" clause. Jenny leaves, calling Enyos a fool under her breath. Whatever. I'm so over Enyos, his vest, his shoelace tie, and his crappy accent.

Willow is walking through the school lounge. Xander emerges from a nearby door and tells her that he's "glad [she] came back" because they "can't do this without" her. Willow almost cuts him off, saying, "Let's get this straight. I don't understand it. I don't want to understand it. You have gross emotional problems and things are not okay between us." Beat. "But what's happening right now is more important than that." Xander digests this information, and then Willow asks if they've made any progress. They haven't, and when Willow begins to mock one of the books, saying, "Where's an army when you need one?" Xander gets a thoughtful look on his face. Hmmm. That sentence doesn't look right to me. Xander: "Whoa. Whoa! I think I'm having a thought. Yeah -- that's a thought. Now I'm having a plan." All of a sudden the lights cut out except for the lights in the trophy case, which must be on a backup generator or something, because God forbid that the school should go for even one moment without cheerleading trophies illuminated to the proper ISO 9000 standards. Xander continues, "Now I'm having a wiggins." Angelus appears at the far end of the darkened hallway, and Xander starts to tell him about his plan, but Angelus advises him to put that thought on hold because he has something to show them. He tells Xander to round up the gang and then calls Willow over to him. She starts towards him, walking extra slowly to heighten the suspense. Xander's intuition or something kicks in, because halfway to the library he stops and turns around. Willow is almost to Angel when another figure appears behind her. It's Jenny, brandishing a cross. She tells Willow to stay away from Angel and orders her to walk towards Jenny. Willow is confused and has turned to face Jenny. Angelus, in his game face, grabs her by the throat from behind. Angelus tells the present company that he has a "message for Buffy." "Why don't you give it to me yourself?" asks Buffy from behind Angel. Angel and Willow turn to face Buffy and he answers, "Well, it's not really the kind of message you tell. It sort of involves finding the bodies of all your friends." Angelus violently shakes Willow by the neck, and she yelps some more. While Buffy is trying to appeal to Angelus's human side, Xander liberates the cross from Jenny and sneaks up behind the leather-clad vamp. When he's close enough, he shoves the cross into Angelus's face from behind. Angelus recoils from it and shoves Willow away; she falls into Xander and they collapse together. Angelus then runs to Buffy and, grabbing her by the shoulders, his face inches away from hers, says, "Things are about to get very interesting." He gives her a quick kiss on the mouth and shoves her against the wall before high-tailing it out of there. Good direction here. Having Angelus kiss Buffy was definitely the most disturbing moment of the episode for me.

In the library, Giles is not taking the news of Angelus's return well. In fact, he is "leaning towards blind panic." Willow, sitting across the table from Buffy, notices her distress and gets up to comfort her. Buffy says she "should've known. When [she] saw him at the house he was different. The things he said." House? Angel lives in house? Methinks this line didn't get properly fixed, since the original draft of this episode called for Buffy and Angel to have their confrontation in her front yard. Giles wants to know what Angel said, but Buffy tells him it's personal. Willow turns to Jenny and asks how she knew that Angel had turned evil. She gives Willow a "ruh roh" look but quickly recovers, saying that she saw Angel's game face. Giles moans, "If only we knew how it happened." Now it's Buffy's turn to look like the jig is up as she asks Giles to clarify. Giles explains that "some event must have triggered his transformation." Watching the realization of what happened dawning over Buffy's face is downright painful to watch. Buffy denies knowledge of anything that could have caused it. Giles presses her saying, "Well did anything happen last night that, that might --" but Buffy jumps up and starts fleeing from the library, saying, "Giles, please. I can't," in a choked voice. Giles calls after her, but Willow, having figured out the situation, says, "Giles, shut up," never taking her eyes off of Buffy's retreating figure. Buffy pulls open the library door and runs off down the hallway.

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