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Innocence (2)

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Innocence (2)

Back in the library, Cordelia shows her usual insensitivity, calling Buffy a "basket case" and declaring they've hit bottom. Xander says he has a plan, and Cordy twerps, "Oh no, here's a lower place," which is just one of the many reasons Cordelia is so not my favorite character. That kind of nastiness to someone you're dating is inexcusable. Anyway, Xander has a plan to take care of the Judge and tells a curious Willow that he'll "need Cordelia for this one." Willow looks glum. Xander also wants a large vehicle, and Willow perks up a little because she can ask Oz to bring his van. Xander and Cordy bicker a little about the plan, and he tells her to meet him at Willow's house and to "wear something trashy...er." Heh. Maybe she can borrow something from Buffy's closet. Xander and Cordy leave. Jenny and Willow tell a concerned Giles to leave Buffy alone for tonight.

At the Factory, Angel brags to Spike and the dolly-clutching Drusilla about his adventures at the school. Spike isn't impressed because Angel didn't kill the Slayer, killing being the vampire "raison d'etre," but Dru, poking her doll in the eyes (a frequent Dru motif), lisps that Angel wants to hurt Buffy before he kills her. Spike and Angel bicker and Angel gets temperamental, taunting Spike that Buffy is "stronger than any Slayer you've ever faced." The big clunk (tm Sep's mom) then concludes, "To kill this girl, you have to love her."

The much-loved girl mopes into her bedroom, sniffling. She spots the crucifix Angel gave her and pulls his claddagh ring from her finger. Sobbing, she falls on the bed, cradling the ring. Aw man, I know I give Buffy a hard time and all, but this scene gets me teary. Anyone who's ever been cruelly rejected has got to feel something watching Buffy here.

A flash and a crash and we're in a dream sequence. Dark sheets, heavy breathing, Angel's bare back, Buffy's serenely ecstatic face, moaning, fuzzy blankets writhing, water dripping -- well, I'm sure you get the picture. Angel whispers, "I love you," and to a crashing noise he suddenly turns and vamps out. Then Buffy stands graveside in the sunlight. Angel approaches her and whispers (it's a whispery-type dream, I guess), "You have to know what to see." She looks at him, and then turns to see Jenny Calendar lifting a black veil off her face.

Buffy wakes the next morning and makes a determined face. She stomps into school, clad in an ass-kicking and name-taking black outfit. Her boobs really jounce as she marches with great determination, and I must say it doesn't look at all comfortable. That's the price of spaghetti-strap tanks, I suppose. I wouldn't know. Buffy enters Jenny's classroom, spots Jenny and Giles chatting at the front of the room, and assaults Jenny, shoving her down on the desk. A stuttering Giles quickly dismisses the class, and Buffy lets Jenny stand, demanding, "Did you do it? Did you change him?" Nice job on Buffy's makeup here; she looks drawn and every inch the crazed, jilted lover. Buffy accuses and Giles tries to interfere until Jenny admits her involvement. She has a hard time revealing the truth, but admits she was sent to watch Buffy, to keep her and Angel apart. When Jenny explains that Angel was paying for his transgression against her people, Buffy rasps, "And me? What was I supposed to be paying for?" Jenny claims she didn't know what would happen and would have told Buffy if she did. "So it was me? I did it?" demands Buffy, her worst fears realized. Giles wants clarification, and Jenny explains that if Angel "achieved one moment of true happiness," he would lose his soul. Giles doesn't understand how Buffy was involved, but she just gives him a look until he stutters, "Oh," and removes his glasses. Buffy demands that Jenny re-curse Angel, but Jenny claims "those magicks are lost." For plot-device purposes, Buffy then demands that Jenny take her to someone who can re-curse Angel.

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