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Innocence (2)

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Innocence (2)

The flaming Judge-e-que sets off the sprinklers, and Buffy gets doused as she follows after Angelus. He's nowhere to be found, but suddenly hops out and punches Buffy in the face, knocking her down. Looking very silly with his spiky do all plastered around his ears, Angelus taunts Buffy, telling her, "If I'd known how easily you'd give it up, I wouldn't have even bothered." Buffy stands and puts on a brave face, saying he isn't Angel, but he retorts, "The important thing is you made me the man I am today!" They fight viciously.

The soaked Scooby gang is busy collecting Judge-bits, and Oz unhelpfully stands and calls out, "Uh, arm!" while pointing at one of the Judge's arms. Yeah, I don't know why they put that scene in either.

Buffy and Angelus fight, with lots of slipping around on the wet floor and dramatic water spraying off their hair. Angelus gets the best of Buffy but then taunts her one too many times, and she proceeds to pretty much beat the crap out of him. She pulls a stake from wherever in her tight-fitting clothing she keeps such things, but then her lip quivers and she lowers the weapon. "You can't do it. You can't kill me," notes Angelus for the radio audience, so Buffy settles for dealing him an extremely powerful kick to the goolies. Angelus collapses in pain and Buffy leaves, breathing, "Give me time."

Giles and Buffy pull up to her house in Giles's battered little car. He informs her that "it's not over." Buffy, lips quivering, knows that. Giles tells her that Angel's profile indicates he'll "strike out at the things that made him most human." Buffy replies by saying that Giles must be disappointed in her. Giles is rather shocked and assures her that he isn't disappointed, and that the appearance of Angelus is not her fault. He tells her she perhaps acted rashly, but he knows that she loved soully Angel and that soully Angel loved her. He assures Buffy that he won't feed her guilt and instead will just give her support and respect. Buffy weeps quietly.

On TV, a couple dancing in a black-and-white movie. The woman in the movie sings, "Goodnight, my love. My moment with you now is ending." Joyce comes out of the kitchen with two cupcakes and joins Buffy on the couch. She apologizes for not making Buffy a "real cake," but reminds Buffy of their planned shopping trip. Joyce asks Buffy what she did for her birthday and when Buffy glumly replies, "I got older," Joyce sweetly assures her, "You look the same to me." She lights a candle on one of the cupcakes and tells Buffy to make a wish. Buffy decides to let the candle burn and nestles her head on her mother's shoulder. Joyce strokes her hair.

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