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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

We fade up on a stone wall. Buffy struggles to get over it, and from her exaggerated Outbreak-style breathing and coughing, it's safe to conclude that she's gotten hold of some sort of bug. Maybe Cordy chased her with a box of Ebola virus. She draws a stake, and starts walking through a graveyard while continuing to sniffle. We hear a noise, and she raises the stake as she darts around the corner of a mausoleum. However, it's only Xander, accompanied by Willow and Cordy. Xander's wigged by the near staking. "My whole life just flashed before my eyes!" Beat. "I gotta get me a life!" Ladies and gentlemen, Xander Harris. Let's all give him a hand -- he needs all the self-esteem we can spare. Buffy wants to know what they're doing there, but Willow turns the question around, expositing that Buffy's sick, like, thanks Willow, but the lung she just coughed up kind of clued us in. Cordy adds that half the school is out with the flu. Hmm. They have a word for that sort of thing. Oh yes -- it's "epidemic." However, none of the rest of the cast has it, which is convenient, as otherwise we'd have to divert some of our attention from Buffy. Hey, I don't mean that in a snarky way -- this isn't Season Seven. Cordy continues, "We're all concerned about how gross you look." Hee. Buffy counters that she can't let anyone else get killed, and Xander is perceptive enough to realize that she's worried about Angelus. After "Passion," I'd think they all would be. She says that as long as she's the Slayer, Angelus won't kill anyone else. Angelus's voice cuts in, "Aw, c'mon" -- we see him in vamp face -- "just one more!" He tackles Willow. Buffy pulls him off. She briefly gets the better of him, but he recovers and starts kicking her ass. He gloats that things aren't looking good for the Slayer, and from what I've seen lately on Angel, Angelus really needs to shut up and get the job done more often. Anyway, Willow throws a jacket over his head, and Xander punches and kicks him off Buffy. Xander, Willow, and Cordy each hold out a cross, forming a wall, and tell Angelus to get lost, which he does. Sure, Buffy doesn't ever need her friends to do her job. She manages to get to her feet, but almost immediately collapses. Ruh roh. Credits.

We waste no time as the kids burst into the hospital's emergency room, Xander carrying Buffy. Some hospital people load Buffy onto a gurney, and as they wheel her along, they announce that she's got a high fever and possible fractures. The kids follow until they're told they can't go any further. Willow and Cordy go to call Giles and Joyce, respectively, as Xander looks on very concernedly. Not a snarky situation, I'm afraid. Although later in the series, I'm surprised that the staff didn't know Buffy by sight. How many times has she been in the hospital? Between her and her mom, I bet they wished they lived in a country that had socialized medicine, eh?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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