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Living Conditions

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Living Conditions

Previously on Buffy: Buffy is overwhelmed by life at college; Buffy meets her new roommate Kathy; Buffy meets the Riley the Big Spud; Buffy goes to a Psych class taught by Dr. Walsh, the "evil bitch monster of death"; Buffy kicks vampire ass; the masked commandos make their first appearance.

We open in Buffy and Kathy's dorm room in Stevenson Hall. Cher's "Believe" is playing in the background as Kathy irons a crease into her jeans; Buffy looks on, slightly disgusted, as would I in the same situation. Kathy perkily refers to "Believe" as "super fun" and Buffy politely (but not sincerely) mentions that it gets "funner" every time Kathy plays it. She heads to her closet, prompting Kathy to inquire if she's going out. Buffy admits she's going for coffee (which I'm guessing is a cover for patrolling) and Kathy, still ironing, expresses concern that Buffy will be in and out of the room at all hours but then breezily says she doesn't mind. Very passive-aggressive, Kathy. As Buffy tries to leave the room, Kathy calls her back to peppily demonstrate a system she has devised for logging their telephone calls. Buffy dons an extremely wide smile that's just as fake and smarmy as the smile Sarah Michelle Gellar sports in her Maybelline ads; however, she agrees to the system. She again tries to leave, but Kathy again calls her back to question her about drinking some of her milk. As Buffy apologizes, Kathy again backs down and says it was okay, but it's pretty obvious that she means the opposite. Kathy hits the repeat button on her CD player, starting Cher crooning "Believe" again, and Buffy finally escapes the room. Different taste in music is definitely a realistic reason for dorm roommate conflict; particularly for first-year students. I must also admit that in my younger days I would have been none too patient with someone who ironed their jeans.

Later Buffy and Willow stroll across the dark campus, discussing Kathy's bossy nature. Hey, Buffy is wearing jeans! How normal; how collegiate. Granted, they are those short jeans edged in sari-type material, but still. Buffy hears a noise which Willow suggests might have been her gum or sneakers; they listen further but don't hear anything else. Buffy is disappointed because she's a little worked up and ready for some slayer action. She and Willow discuss Kathy and agree that college is all about making adjustments. Willow mentions that her roommate is a little difficult too and Buffy says they are "women up to a challenge." After Willow departs to see Oz, Buffy continues her patrol. The camera pans into the bushes to show a creepy, hooded demon with glowey eyes. He stares after Buffy.

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