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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

Buffy and Willow leave the cafeteria as Buffy tries to insist that her plans aren't a big deal. Willow is very excited, but the girls run into that bummer Giles, who is more concerned with "trouble" than he is with "boys." He informs them that the Order of Aurelius will be bringing the Anointed One to the Master on a certain night. Buffy says they'll be ready, but Giles reveals that the prophesied night is tonight. Buffy is quite upset because of her big date with Owen, but Giles lays the sarcasm on heavy. He's insistent that Buffy will have to put her date on hold and Buffy whines about fulfilling her "post-pubescent fantasies." Giles declares that "tonight we go into battle."

Later that night, Buffy and Giles sit in a quiet graveyard. Buffy yawns. Giles admits that perhaps he miscalculated and Buffy, clad in a tiger-print fun-fur coat that I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with, is eager to make her rendezvous with Owen. Giles lets her go, but reminds her that dating someone unaware of her secret identity could be dangerous. He claims that if her identity as a slayer is revealed, "it could put [her] and all those around [her] in grave danger," but I think we've seen that Giles was pretty much wrong about that one. Buffy sasses, "In that case I won't wear my button that says 'I'm a Slayer, ask me how,'" and leaves the annoyed Giles behind.

A short bus drives along a dark street. Most of the passengers doze, except a small boy playing with a toy plane. In the back of the bus, a menacing guy with bad facial hair spouts what sounds like Biblical passages. He's obviously a few steps short of a staircase.

Buffy enters the Bronze and looks around for Owen. She spots him dancing with Cordelia, who is running her hands up and down his arms. Putting Cordy right next to Owen like that just makes it all the more obvious that the only way they're even believable as high-school age is if they've lived every day twice. Buffy stares, and then turns and leaves the club.

In the bus, the scary guy walks up the aisle and preaches about Judgement Day or some other TV crazy-talk. The bus driver tells him to sit down, and while he's distracted with the scary guy, a vampire steps out into the road. The bus hits the vampire and then swerves off the road, finally plowing into a telephone pole. The driver checks if his passengers are okay, and then goes out to check on the man he hit. He kneels to check the victim but is grabbed by the throat. More vampires move into the bus and screams are heard.

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