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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

Next day at school, Buffy has explained the situation to Xander and slams her locker shut in frustration. Well, however much we like to complain about the clothes in the fourth season, at least the cast isn't costumed in spandex anymore. Blue spandex. In this case, a blue, faux-velvet, spandex tank-top with a tie-dyed target over the breasts and bra cups showing in the arm holes. And that's not even mentioning the extremely high waisted, wide legged pants. Buffy explains that she left without talking to Owen because she couldn't think of a good explanation for her lateness. Xander tells Buffy she could date any guy in the school, but she seems fixated on Owen. At that moment, Owen walks up and asks Buffy where she was the night before. She gives him a lame excuse about her watch breaking, which he understands. He asks her again to meet at the Bronze, and then romantically gives her his pocket watch so she can make it on time. Xander glumly stares at his plastic Tweety Bird watch. Buffy tries to feel Owen out (not like that! God, get your minds out of the gutter) about him and Cordelia, but Owen describes Cordy as "grabby," which earns him a date with Buffy. Buffy swoons off and Xander glums some more.

Giles is in his library office when Buffy bursts in, checking to see if Giles has made any developments in the Anointed One thing. She doesn't give him a chance to speak, but lets herself off the hook for patrol and rushes out of his office. "She is the strangest girl," muses Giles.

The Master for once is doling out some praise to his henchmen, telling the Order of Aurelius that they have done a good job. He mentions that after tonight he'll be one step closer to escaping from the "mystical prison" in which he's trapped. I know it's mystical and all, but I really never understood how the other vamps could come and go but the Master was stuck. The Master muses that he's "nearly forgotten what it's like on the surface. Well, there'll be time enough to remember..." "When the dealing's done," I finish in my head. Because Kenny Rogers is the master of my world, you see. He again tells the Order to kill Buffy if she gets in their way, and to not disappoint him.

In Buffy's bedroom, Buffy, in a bathrobe, and Willow are picking out an outfit for Buffy's date, as Xander sits on the bed and watches. She shows two different dresses to Xander, one described as "shy, coy and naïve," the other as "unrestrained, insatiable and aggressive," but both of them are tiny shift dresses so short they look like they'd leave her curlies waving in the breeze. Xander suggests a more demure approach, and pulls a huge parka and hat out of Buffy's closet. There's some more banter where Xander tries to play up possible bad side effects of Buffy going on a date with Owen, and then Willow hands Buffy another dress. Buffy changes into the dress, while Xander turns his back but peeps at her in a jewelry box mirror. Willow wants to know where Owen will be taking Buffy, and has to engage in some clunky dialogue further establishing the fact that she's never really dated at all. Like, we get it already. The doorbell rings and the gang rushes down excitedly, only to find Giles instead of the expected Owen. Buffy attempts to close the door in Giles's face, but he pushes in, showing her a newspaper headline about the bus crash of the night before. He insists that the five who died in the crash fulfill the prophecy and that the crazy guy from the bus, Andrew Borba, was a possible murderer and therefore a good candidate for the Anointed One. As Buffy protests going to check out the bodies in a funeral home, Owen shows up at the door, confused by the tableau before him. Buffy grabs his arm and prepares to leave, telling Giles she'll return her library books tomorrow. Xander and Willow usher Owen into another room so that Giles can continue to argue with Buffy about doing her Slayerly duty. Giles calls the Slayer having a social life "problematic," but finally agrees to let Buffy go on her date and beep her if he needs her. Buffy and Owen leave, and Giles follows after, telling Willow and Xander that he's heading for the funeral home. Willow declares they should "go along" but Xander thinks she's talking about Buffy's date with Owen.

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