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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

At the Bronze, Buffy and Owen sit and discuss the morbidness of Emily Dickinson. Owen also tells Buffy that he doesn't "get out much," because he considers most girls "pretty frivolous." Maybe he doesn't get out much because he has no idea how to talk to a sixteen-year-old girl on a first date. Buffy, feeling a twinge of guilt, checks her beeper, but it shows no messages. The happy couple hits the dance floor, where Owen tells Buffy she's "like two people," one of whom he can't figure out. As they dance Cordelia arrives on the scene with her herd and approaches Owen, bitching, "Owen, look at you here all alone." Owen points out that he's with Buffy and Buffy tells Cordy to go "somewhere that's away."

Giles arrives at the Cemeterio de Sunnydale and, looking spooked, walks up to the front of the building. Suddenly two vamps surround him; Giles pulls a crucifix and runs into the funeral home. He tries locked doors in the hallway and then runs. The vamps enter the building and follow.

At the Bronze, Buffy and Owen dance and google at each other.

Giles enters the embalming room in the funeral home and drags a filing cabinet over to block the door. The door handle wiggles and the vamps pound on the outside. As Giles searches the room, he is surprised by Willow and Xander, who are peering in through a barred window. Giles tells them to get to safety and when Xander suggests perhaps Buffy should be on the scene, Giles tells them to contact her on her "beeping thing." Xander and Willow go to get help as the vampires pound loudly on the door.

At the Bronze, Owen offers to get Buffy something to eat. She asks that he make sure it's something "fattening," as Cordy looks on and snipes jealously. As she gripes, Angel enters the club and walks by her. Huh. I'd forgotten he was even on this show. Upon seeing Angel, Cordy utters the immortal Buffy line, "Hel-lo salty goodness." She prepares to work a little seductive magic on him, but is outraged to see that he's at the club to talk to Buffy. Angel tells Buffy he came to find her and that "some serious stuff is happening." Who writes this guy's dialogue? Not very snappy for a lurking mysterious guy. Buffy lets him know she's already aware of the Anointed One and then, for some reason, points Owen out to Angel. "You're here on a date?" asks Angel, looking like a kicked puppy. Owen walks up and Buffy introduces them. Angel looks surly and says he knows Buffy from "work." But before the two males can engage in any more testosterone wrangling over the Slayer, Willow and Xander rush in. Owen is surprised to see them, Xander is surprised to see Angel and as a cover-up, Xander claims that he and Willow came to be on a double-date with Buffy and Owen. Buffy tries to brush everyone off, but Xander and Willow finally get their point across by saying that they need to go the Sunnydale Funeral Home. Buffy tries to take her leave of Owen, who wants to come and then asks why she wants to leave him behind. Buffy assures him that she'll be back and then gives him a big smooch. Angel grits his teeth as the Scooby gang leave the Bronze.

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