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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

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Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

Next day at school, Buffy pumps Willow and Xander for anything Owen might have said about her the night before. They have to tell her that he didn't mention her, and Buffy whines that she messed things up. Xander tells her she needs a guy who already knows her secret, and is about to volunteer himself when the gang runs into Owen. Willow drags Xander off to give them some privacy. Buffy and Owen stare awkwardly at each other and Owen starts, "I don't really know how to say this." Buffy interrupts saying she'll understand if he's freaked out. Owen agrees he was, and wants to know when they can date again. Turns out he was very excited by almost getting killed, and wants to have the experience again. Buffy becomes sad as she realises that Owen is a thrill-seeker. She tells him she can't see him anymore, but doesn't explain why. They agree to just be friends and Owen mopes away. Giles approaches and tells Buffy that he was told at ten he was destined to be a Watcher. He had different plans, wanting to be a "fighter pilot or possibly a grocer" but his father gave him a speech about "sacrifice." Buffy muses that Owen wants to be "danger man" and would get himself killed living in her world. She apologizes to Giles for not being there for him at the funeral home and Giles forgives her, saying she's doing "pretty well" as a Slayer. They congratulate themselves on having eliminated the Anointed One.

In the Master's lair the Master repeats the prophecy, "And in this time will come the Anointed and the Slayer will not know him. She will not stop him and he will lead her into Hell." The Master kneels down before the little boy from the bus accident and welcomes him. The child sneers.

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