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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

This week the previouslys showcase assorted Oz and Willow relationshippy moments, including a shot of Oz leaving (thank God they didn't torture me with that flea-ridden cur, Veruca). Oh look, there's Adam -- I'm sure all the invalids in the audience will appreciate the built-in nap time. Hey! Spike has a chip in his head? And he can't hurt people anymore? When did this happen? Why was I not informed? Ohhh, so this Tara chick has a crush on Willow. I get it.

Willow and Tara are walking across a park, talking about Tara getting a cat. None of their clothes are especially shocking, although Willow's bright orange T-shirt is certainly trying its hardest. Tara explains that, because cats aren't allowed in the dorm, she'll have to get a "sneaky" cat. Yeah, and one without a larynx. Tara suggest naming the beast "Miss Kitty Fantastica." Oh geez. Why don't you just name her Princess Pretty Kitty and be done with it? If I were to get another cat, I would name him Meow Tse-tung and call him The Chairman for short. Anyway, there was no point to this scene other than to show Tara and Willow holding hands on their way to the Scooby meeting.

At Fort Giles, the entire gang is present for the meeting. Buffy is explaining that there hasn't been much demon activity, with Willow translating the Scooby speak for Tara. When I said Willow wasn't wearing anything shocking, I must not have seen her horrid green plastic choker that looks like it's made out of leftover Easter grass. Riley says something that I don't catch. I'm not going to rewind because I don't think it was that important. Giles thinks whatever Riley had to say was fascinating, and Anya brats, "To an extremely bored person." Giles starts to give her a well-deserved talking-to, but he is interrupted by the appearance of Oz.

We're back after the credits. Everyone looks extremely uncomfortable, as if instead of merely saying hello Oz had taken a dump on the middle of Giles's living room rug or something. Willow looks shocked and says, "Oz," so Tara will know who it is. Xander, oddly enough, is the first one that remembers his manners and strides over to Oz, extending a hand to shake and welcome him back. He apologizes for sounding like a grandma and mildly chides him for not calling or writing. Buffy then asks Oz if he's just passing through or is here to stay. It's very sweet the way Willow's friends are asking all the hard questions so she doesn't have to. Anyway, Oz asks Willow to meet him tonight so they can talk, she agrees, and he takes off, but not before telling everyone how good it is to see them again. After the door closes, Anya mentions how uncomfortable everyone is. Yes, Anya, and for once it's not because of you. Must be a new feeling, eh? Tara is obviously shaken up even as she insists that nothing is wrong, and she takes off.

Buffy and Riley are strolling through a graveyard. Buffy is wearing one of her three-quarter length coats from last season, and while I like the look, I don't think seventies-vintage sienna naugahyde-looking leather was the best choice. They're attacked by some random demon and they quickly dispatch it. After Riley calls for a retrieval team, Buffy tries to explain the Oz and Willow break-up. Buffy lets the werewolf out of the bag, so to speak, and Riley is shocked that Willow is into "dangerous" guys. Buffy gets offended because she's thinking of her own past, and calls Riley a bigot. She tells him that love isn't logical and that one can't always be sensible about it. In typical Buffy fashion she refuses to talk about it and snits off.

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