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First of all, because it can't be said too often, love and props to Ace, Sep, Sars, Wing, and Glark. Second, Sars gave me the chance to sniff around Season One before I hit my Season Three stretch run, so here I am. Apologies for doing this episode out of order, but I've got it on video, and since I just completed an international move, you'll take what you get and like it.

We open in the sewers. We hear footsteps, and a shadow appears on the wall in front of us. It looks like it's being cast by Pippi Longstocking holding a stake. Pippi Longstaking? No, my mistake, it's Buffy "Why Yes, I Am An Only Child. How Did You Know?" Summers, in pigtails. She looks around warily, and goes further in. There are lots of lit candles around, which would indicate that she's expecting to find someone. She walks around the far side of a support pole, and on the near side we see the Master quickly steal his way around. I jumped the first time I saw that. She continues on, then whirls around upon hearing something behind her. The Master hisses. She holds her stake on high, but fear and horror are plain on her face, and she drops her arm and lets it fall from her fingers. She backs up to the wall, and he moves in. He slowly extends his hand, and closes it around her throat. He leans in to bite her, and she screams, "No!" which she shouldn't be able to do while being choked. Then again, it is a dream.

Buffy's lying in bed, moaning "No, no!" as Joyce "Boy, Am I Glad My Character Was Written Better After The First Season" Summers tries to wake her. She finally succeeds, and Buffy stares at her. I marvel at the size of Buffy's "dinners" (tm Keckler's grandmother) back then. Those things are really saying "Howdy!" if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Joyce tells Buffy that it's time to go to school, and Buffy's psyched. Joyce: "Good day to buy that lottery ticket." Heh. Except for the first "H." Her lines sucked back then. She says she spoke to Buffy's father. Buffy's anxious about whether he's coming, but Joyce assures her that they're "on for this weekend."

School. Buffy and Willow "The Longer The Hair, The Bigger The Square" Rosenberg walk down the hall and talk about Buffy's dad. Buffy says she doesn't see him that often, as he's in L.A., and gives a few details of the divorce. Willow is so sympathetic, I barely even recognize her. She says that her parents don't even fight. "Sometimes they glare." She asks if Buffy knows why her parents split up. Buffy says she didn't ask, but she knows she didn't help because she was always in slaying-related trouble. Willow says she's sure that didn't have anything to do with it, and Buffy gamely agrees.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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