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Credits. I always love the final shot, since it's of Buffy in one of many kick-ass poses, but the one from this season, where she slowly looks up after dusting Luke, is my favorite. Also, I prefer the original ending to the theme song. Thank you for asking.

I taped this during the second season, during a "Buffy: The First Episodes" retrospective, so the commercials aren't quite as old as they should be. However, they're old enough to contain one for Disturbing Behavior. I saw that relatively recently, and then I read Shack's recap of it. I'll leave it to you to guess which was the more enjoyable. For those of you who aren't catching my tone, just read the damn recap.

Underground. The Master and the Anointed One settle in for this week's edition of "A Scenery Chewer And His Electronic-Voiced Disciple." Blah blah blah fear-is-the-most-powerful-force-in-the-world-cakes. The Master goes on that he's afraid of the cross, but he can control his fear, because it's all in his mind. He says that there's a new, psychic force above, and asks if the Anointed One can feel it. A.O.: "I feel change." Yeah, to your contract-renewal status. What a boring character. The Master: "Change, yes. For the worse." Well, not until the fourth season, at least.

The camera pans up through the ground to reveal the school -- the opposite of what it did in "Welcome To The Hellmouth." Joyce and Buffy pull up. So it's the next day already? Joyce remarks that Buffy's quiet, and Buffy says it's because she didn't sleep well. Joyce says that Buffy was yelling in her sleep, but Buffy says, not very convincingly, that she doesn't remember what she was dreaming about. Buffy realizes that she forgot her weekend bag, but Joyce easily says that she and her dad can come by and get it after school. Buffy babbles a bit more until Joyce asks her if she's worried that her father won't show. Buffy asks if she should be worried, but Joyce assures her that he'll be there, and that he adores her. Gee, do you think this might come into play later in the episode?

Buffy walks into school, and Willow and Xander greet her. Willow's freaked about the spider incident. Xander doesn't know what the big deal is. Willow doesn't like spiders, and Xander doesn't like Nazis. Fascinating. This episode's a little slow getting out of the gate. Buffy says Rupert "I'm Too Sexy" Giles promised to research the spider incident, and the three of them walk into the library. Giles is nowhere to be seen, and Buffy calls his name. He comes stumbling out of the stacks. Buffy: "Hey Giles, wakey-wakey." Hee. I love it when Buffy acts all California to Giles. He says he got lost in the stacks. Xander touches Willow's shoulder, pretending to be a spider. She's not amused. Xander: "It's funny if you're me." That sentiment applies to just about all of his jokes. Giles suggests that they question Wendell about the incident. I never would have thought of that.

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