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Dawson's Creek ad. The Beek and Scott Foley have a pissing contest over Jen. Boy, if anyone ever had a reason to say, "I choose me."

Hospital. Buffy and Giles walk down the hall and exposit that the girl who was attacked is named Laura. They walk into her room, and props to the make-up department, because she really looks like ten miles of rough road. They apologize for disturbing her, but she says she doesn't want to be alone. They ask about the attack, and Laura tells them what happened. In reference to her attacker, she says, "I've never seen anything like it." Buffy and Giles exchange a look, and ask her to describe "it," but she's too freaked out. You know, I really don't understand the acting game. This girl's perfectly nice to look at, and has already displayed more talent and range than Shiri Appleby did in three seasons on Roswell. Maybe it's all in the agent. Buffy says that's okay, and that she can tell them anything, "even if it may seem weird." Laura: "Well, there's this chick named Buffy who I'm always hearing fucked-up shit about -- wait, what was your name?" Actually, she tells them the "Lucky 19" bit. They leave.

Back in the hallway, Buffy and Giles ask Laura's doctor about her condition. He says she'll recover, and that she got off easy. Giles sniffs, "Have you looked up the word lately?" The doctor clarifies that Laura is the second victim, and that the first one is still in a coma. "They found him a week ago. Exact same M.O. as the girl, only he's in worse shape. If he doesn't wake up soon...somebody's gotta stop this guy." Buffy, clunkily and predictably: "Somebody will."

School. Some cheeseball in a leather jacket and sunglasses is telling his friends how he'll fight some guy, and he's not backing down because it's about honor. Whatever, Napoleon McComplex. Willow and Xander appear, and she's talking about Wendell's nightmare coming true. Xander wonders how that might tie in with Laura. We hear a woman's voice belt out, "Oh, there's my little baby!" Cheeseball's mother comes up and gives him a big kiss. Ha! Now that was funny. Cheeseball's mortified, and tries to get his mom to stop, but she keeps on being demonstrative to him, even calling him "Pooky." Hee. His friends and Xander look on, amused. Willow and Xander walk to class, and he babbles on about the connection and how it's probably no big deal, so you know something's about to happen. When they walk into class, everyone gasps and starts laughing and pointing. Willow, in the foreground, thinks they're laughing at her, which could go straight into the "Foreshadowing or Coincidence?" thread on the boards, as a very similar thing happens in "Restless." However, when she looks back, she sees that Xander has been relieved of his clothes, save -- thankfully -- his boxers. He thinks he's dreaming and tries to pinch himself, but when that doesn't work, he runs off screaming. I would have been gone as soon as I saw him.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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