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Xander pulls on a sweatshirt as he and Willow walk into the library. They tell Giles what happened. Willow smiles and says, "Yeah, it was really" -- she catches a look from Xander -- "bad. It was a bad thing." Hee. And amen. She foreshadows to later in the episode when she says she would hate to have lots of people staring at her. She then realizes that what happened to Xander is a recurring nightmare of his. Giles, clueing in, says he had a nightmare he got lost in the stacks, and realizes that people's nightmares are coming true. He theorizes that Billy "crossed over from the nightmare world he was trapped in," and brought the nightmare world with him. So that's how this show ended up on UPN. Willow wonders how that could have happened. Giles: "Things like that are easier when you live on a hellmouth." Well, I'd rather have a vague lame explanation than a specific lame one. Giles says they have to stop what's happening, "or else everyone in Sunnydale is going to be facing their own worst nightmares."

Cut to such a hilarious scene. Cordy opens her locker, and she sees in the mirror that her hair is frizzed out worse than Roseanne Roseannadanna's. She grabs a comb, and says she doesn't understand, since she was just at the salon. She gasps as the comb breaks. Hee.

Buffy forlornly walks around campus. She catches sight of Billy Gordon-Levitt walking into the gym, and follows. He finds him sitting on the bottom row of the bleachers. She asks him if he's Billy, and he acknowledges that he is. She inquires if something bad happened to him after the game, but he says he doesn't remember. She then asks if he's "Lucky 19," and he looks at her, startled. "That's what he calls me." She asks who calls him that, and he says, "The Ugly Man." Well, he doesn't have the closest physical resemblance, but I'm still going to say that that name makes me think of Jay Leno. I find them both repulsive, and I've always wanted to insult Leno in print, the fucking hack. He might be the one person in the country that's less funny than Black and Decker on American Idol. So bear with me. In a frightened voice, he goes on that Jay Leno wants to kill him, and that he "hurt that girl." Buffy wants to know why, and Billy gasps in horror. "He's here!" Buffy turns, and Jay Leno wallops her with his club. Well, that's no more heavy-handed than his jokes. Thank you! Commercials.

The blow knocks Buffy to the ground. She manages to get up, and after ducking a swing, gets two good kicks in. However, they leave her a bit off-balance, and Jay Leno knocks her down again. He moves ponderously, but seems very strong. She twists her ankle, and limps to the door with him in pursuit.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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