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Buffy the Slayer Vampire

Library. Giles tells Willow and Xander that Buffy doesn't know what's happening, and given the subject matter of her dreams, it's imperative that they find her. Xander notes that it would be faster if they split up, and he and Giles take off in opposite directions. Willow, left standing alone, echoes my thoughts: "Faster, but not really safer."

Buffy wedges a very convenient hockey stick through the gym door handles. We hear Jay Leno roaring on the other side. She tells Billy that Jay Leno is too strong for her. He says they have to hide. She wants to find the others, but he says, "We have to hide. That's how it happens. We hide, and then he comes." Huh? She whisks him away.

Willow looks around school for Buffy. She sees Cordy, hair still post-electric-shock, being pulled away by two very nerdy-looking guys. Her outfit, which was the same when she first saw her hair, is now thankfully different -- a white blouse and a green maxi-skirt. She yells that she doesn't want to go, and that she's not even on the chess team. Hee. Willow smirks, but then hears someone call her name out of the boiler room. She thinks it might be Buffy, although it sounds nothing like her. She goes down the stairs. Good move, brain trust -- the attacker couldn't be in the same scary place again. She says to herself that she's not afraid. A hand reaches out and grabs her. She screams, and I admit, I almost did too when I first saw that.

Xander opens a door to a creepy fluorescent-lit part of the school. There are swastikas painted everywhere, which is a very nice touch, given his mention of his fear of Nazis earlier. He doesn't seem freaked out, which makes me think he's too dumb to draw the conclusion that another nightmare is coming. He sees a candy bar on the floor, picks it up, unwraps it, and takes a bite. Ew. He is just such a schmuck. He notices that there's a trail of candy bars leading toward some thick sheets of plastic hanging from the ceiling. He follows the trail.

Buffy and Billy Gordon-Levitt walk through a door outside. Buffy says she thought this way led to the library. Billy sees some kids playing baseball, and looks freaked. He tells Buffy it's bad when you lose, and that the game they lost the previous week was his fault, because he botched a fielding play. Buffy points out that there are eight other players on the team, and Billy seems to consider that. "He said it was my fault." Buffy wants to know who, but Billy asks if they can go another way to find her friends. Buffy says yes, but then sees Jay Leno smack some kid and come after them. She points to a hole in the hedge, and they go through to...a cemetery, at night. Buffy's wigged. Billy asks if this is where her friends are, and she says no.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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