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This next scene is one of the most hilarious in Buffy history. Willow is backstage somewhere, led along by an assistant type. "Man, I thought you weren't gonna show." Willow's dressed like Cio-Cio San -- the hair, the costume, everything. In the background, we hear an announcer present "two of the world's greatest singers." Willow's eyes go wide, and they stay that way throughout the rest of the scene. Assistant Guy goes on that someone named Aldo is pissed off, and he hopes Willow's warmed up, because "it's an ugly crowd out there." Hee. This is so good. The announcer goes on, "All the way from Firenze, Italy, the one and only Aldo Gianfranco. And, all the way from Sunnydale, California, the world's finest soprano, Willow Rosenberg!" I have to calm down, I'm already giggling so hard. Willow peers through the curtain, and sees a Pavarotti-type guy beckoning. She backs away, saying, "But I -- I didn't learn the words!" Assistant Guy shoves her through the curtain. She bumps into Aldo, and he looks like his patience is already wearing pretty thin. He starts to sing in Italian, and sure enough, it's Madama Butterfly. He sings a few lines, then gestures to Willow. She stares at him. He goes on for a few more lines, then looks pointedly at her. Willow: "My turn?" Aldo: "Mm-HMM!" It's hard to transcribe, but his delivery was hilarious. She opens her mouth, and a squeaking sound comes out. The crowd and Aldo groan. I think it says a lot about my development as a person that when I first saw this scene, I cringed in sympathy and embarrassment for Willow, whereas now I always have to watch it at least five times while giggling hysterically.

Xander walks through the plastic maze (that's for you UKers), working on three candy bars at once. He sees one on the floor called a "Chocolate Hurricane." He says out loud that those are the best. He remembers when he last had one, on his sixth birthday, as he starts to hear a maniacal chuckling. Creepy tinkly music plays, and Xander looks wigged. The score for this entire episode was great -- it definitely made it way scarier. He sees a shadow on the other side of one of the plastic sheets, and a clown busts through. Yikes! I hate clowns. I hated them before I even read It. Xander screams, and the clown raises a knife. Xander falls into a backward somersault and runs, with the clown in pursuit.

Graveyard. Buffy and Billy look around. Billy sees an open grave. "I wonder who died." Chomp chomp chomp. It's the Master. You can chew a lot of scenery with those fangs. "Nobody died. What's the fun of burying someone if they're already dead?" He regards Buffy. "The Slayer. You're prettier than the last one." For the literal-minded of you, I feel compelled to acknowledge that it's not very likely that the Master would ever have seen the Slayer who immediately preceded Buffy. But he could have been talking about the last one he faced, so let's just let it slide. And what's with all the Foreshadowing or Coincidence? Because that's what Whistler said to Angel in "Becoming Part One." Buffy says he can't be free, but he says he is because she fears it. She says it's a dream. The Master: "A dream is a wish your heart makes." Well, I always think of Disney as evil, so I guess it's appropriate that the Master's quoting a Disney movie. He grabs her by the throat. She seems unable to lift a hand against him, which is consistent with her nightmare at the beginning of the episode. He tells her it's real life, and asks what she's afraid of as he holds her over the open grave. He tosses her in, and the coffin lid closes on her as she screams for help. The Master grabs a shovel, and starts filling the grave in. The last thing we see is the grave-cam getting covered with dirt. Cree-pee. And yet again in the "Foreshadowing or Coincidence" vein, this scene foreshadows "Bargaining."

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