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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

It looks like school is back in session, because Buffy and Willow are walking through the halls of campus and having an actual discussion about an actual lecture. Just in case you were wondering if that Bizarro Buffyverse thing was still in effect, the writers actually have Buffy hold her own in the discussion. Willow cracks wise about having to watch her "occipital lobe," but Buffy doesn't get it and reassures Willow that she still wears the "smarty-pants." Yeah? Well, can she take off that striped cardigan then? It certainly doesn't go with smarty-pants. And didn't the "authentically hand-knit by exploited Third-World peoples" look go out in 1996? Buffy starts to complain a bit about all the extra work she's had to do lately, and they head off to the magic shop.

Giles is getting the shop up to speed with the assistance of Tara and Xander. Look! Xander is using a skill! Effectively! As he's building shelves for Giles, I notice that he's attired in jeans and a plain long-sleeved shirt. It looks like after his other half fell into the Gap, he managed to climb out with a basic grasp on the matching theory. Bang, bang, bang on the door baby. It's Buffy and Willow. Wait. They knock at the shop but not at the house? Willow gets as excited as "a witch in a magic shop" as she takes in all the changes and, spying a jar of amphibian eyeballs, asks Giles if they're genuine eye of newt. Giles says that they're actually salamander's eyes, which are "equally effective really. It's just a matter of overcoming snobbery." Hee! I can see it now. President's Choice eye of newt.

Willow greets Tara, who seems to be trying on her blind gypsy fortune teller costume in preparation for Halloween. After Tara mentions that she'd like to see a psychic at the shop, Willow encourages Tara to do it herself. Blah blah Tara has low self esteem. Blah blah Willow reaffirms her faith in Tara's palm reading abilities. She offers up her palm with a "do me." I snicker because I'm mature like that. Tara takes Willow's palm, gazes intently, and makes an "mmmm" noise. "What do you see?" asks Willow. "Willow hand," replies Tara, with requisite half-wink and crooked smile. Hey! Did Tara just play this scene in a way that makes me think that Willow and Tara aren't a couple of old spinsters who've decided to throw their man-chasin' energies into a home for wayward cats? Looks like someone is taking chemistry this year. Willow smiles at Tara in return, and boom. Moment is over. She looks like she's smiling at her dowager aunt.

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