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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

"...bathe in the Slayer's blood," continues Spike. Harmony, ciggie in hand, squeals that she can see Spike's chip. Doctor Chip asks Harmony to extinguish her cig, and she gets all, "Says who?" huffy. The Doctor indicates the "no smoking area" sign behind him and Harmony is instantly apologetic: "Oh god. Sorry! Didn't see the sign." Ha! Although she really should've known better. You can't even smoke in Californian bars anymore. Doctor Chip announces that the chip is out. Harmony is joyful, and Spike orders the Doctor to sew him up because he's got a date to get his ass kicked by the Slayer again. Only he doesn't say it quite like that.

Doctor Chip is sewing Spike closed as Spike pontificates about how hungry he is. Doctor Chip looks worried. But here come the wonder twins to save the day. "Slayer!" roars Spike and hops off the gurney. He morphs into his game face and orders Harmony to "suit up." Doctor Chip tries to creep out unnoticed, but Buffy pushes him into a wall and tells him to stick around because he'll be needed soon. Spike tells Buffy the "great news" that he's been dechipped. Buffy: "That means I get to kill you." Spike: "You get to try." It's a tense moment, with Riley and Buffy on one side of the room and Harmony and Spike on the other. Everything is still, each waiting for the other side to make the first move, when Harmony accidentally discharges the crossbow, shooting Riley in the thigh. Riley and Harmony rush at each other. Spike jumps onto the gurney and says with great relish, "At long last," before tackling Buffy. He's got her on the ground and is just about to feed when he rears back, grabbing his head in pain. Buffy throws him off of her and he lands near Doctor Chip, whom he gives a cranky look. Hee! Meanwhile Harmony is holding her own with Riley, so she's obviously been doing her Tae Bo. Riley grabs his chest in pain and falls heavily, taking a metal table down with him. That sound that you hear is the slow rumbling of a building cheer from the Buffy boards. Spike lunges for the instrument table and opens the jar which contains the...penny...that Doctor Chip removed from his head. "I told you I couldn't do it," explains Doctor Chip. Buffy calls frantically for the doctor's attention, and Spike and Harmony take this opportunity to make their exit.

Spike and Harmony hightail it through the graveyard with Spike bitching about Buffy and her "nasty little face, fancy shampoo-commercial hair, and that whole sodding holier-than-thou attitude." Harmony: "Well, aren't we kinda unholy by definition?" Hee! Spike complains that Buffy is picking on him and that he "can't get rid of her." Well, you could try leaving Sunnydale. That seems to have worked the last time.

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