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Out Of My Mind

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Out Of My Mind

Dr. Chip finishes patching Riley up, and there's another, much much smaller cheer from the three people who didn't want Riley to die. Can I ask what sort of problem was dire enough to kill Riley yesterday, yet didn't require general anesthesia or the amenities of the neurology ward to fix? Buffy comes in to comfort Riley and reassures him that she's still "touchable." Buffy asks if it's okay for her to go check on Joyce, and Riley agrees - even though he is in far more serious condition than Joyce is. He looks really forlornly after Buffy and then -- this is my favorite part -- they just let Riley up and leave.

So Riley and GI Jughead are walking through the halls of the hospital (which look suspiciously like the halls of certain parts of UC Sunnydale), and GI Jughead tries to convince Riley to reenlist or something. Graham flatlines, "You used to have a mission and now you're what? Mission's boyfriend? Mission's true love? You belong with us." Ugh. Shut up, GI Jerk. Riley just gives him a look and walk out. I'd be interested to know what it is exactly that Graham is doing in the military now. Especially what is keeping him in Sunnydale.

Spike is sitting alone in his crypt when Buffy bursts through the door. They exchange unpleasantries, but then Buffy gets fed up and decides to stake Spike. There's a beat, but then Spike orders her to "do it. Bloody just do it...take me out of the world that has you in it." Ripping his shirt off, "Just kill me." Buffy looks momentarily confused, but then draws her stake back. Spike flinches, and Buffy stops mid-thrust. They give each other a look, and then Spike grabs Buffy and kisses her passionately. After a moment Buffy breaks away and backs off, holding her hand over her mouth a look of disbelief and disgust on her face. She slowly lowers her hand, never taking her eyes off of Spike, and slowly advances on him. Taking his head in her hands, she pulls it to her fiercely, returning his kiss. At this point I clapped my own hand over my mouth, and every muscle in my body went rigid with astonishment. There may have been shrieking noises. Buffy professes her need for Spike. Spike expresses his love for Buffy, and while I collect my eyeballs from the floor, I hear Spike gasp. Sitting up in bed, with Harmony curled beside him, he pants, "Oh God no. Please no."

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