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The Bronze. The people, they are dancing. Including Buffy and Xander. Xander is a terrible terrible dancer, but somehow I find it endearing. Buffy is dancing more sensually with Xander than I have with anyone who is "just a friend" in my entire life. Oh yeah. These people are supposed to be in high school. We see Angelus standing near the stairs, staring at Buffy. I guess Angelus is part of the production staff now or something because he voice-overs, "Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

Buffy and Willow walk outside arm-in-arm with Cordelia and Xander trailing behind them, arms around each other. They pass a man and a woman who appear to be necking, but we all know that means something terribly different in the Buffyverse. After the gang passes, the man lifts his head to reveal Angelus's bloodstained maw. He drops the drained woman to the ground and steps into the street and watches the gang walk along. Since by season two the show actually had a special-effects budget greater than whatever cash Joss happened to have in his pocket on any given day, we get to see Angelus morph back into his human visage. Huh. Who knew that the morphing process automatically overgelled your hair?

Cut to Buffy in her room. She peers out the window as if she senses something, but sees nothing and walks away to change. In her pajamas and terrible Junior League hair, she sets her alarm and gets into bed. After she turns out the light, the camera pans around to show the window she was looking out of and Angelus is there, looking in. Buffy is fully asleep now when a shadow falls across her bed. Angelus reaches out to gently stroke her cheek. He sits next to her as he continues his narrative in voice-over. "It speaks to us. Guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?"

It's morning. Buffy stirs, and as she sits up, she finds a folded piece of paper on the pillow next to her. I'm pleased to note how terrible her hair looks. Buffy has bed head, nanny nanny poo poo. Ahem. Sorry. She unfolds the paper and stares at it for a moment, more confused than upset. On the paper we see a charcoal sketch of Buffy, sleeping.

"He was in my room," says Buffy to Giles who is behind the counter of the library, doing *gasp* some of the actual tasks of a librarian. "Who?" queries Giles absentmindedly as he continues checking in books. She informs him it was Angel, and this catches his attention. He comes out from behind the counter and follows her over to one of the main tables where Xander and Cordelia are sitting. Cordelia says that she thought vampires needed an invitation, and Giles confirms that they do, but once they've been invited, they can crash all they like. Think of how annoying that would be in the real world. Cordelia suddenly realizes that she invited Angel into her car at one point, and therefore he can get into her car whenever he wants. Doesn't the invitation rule only apply to residences? Since when does Cordelia live in her car? Whatever -- that's not the point, because Cordelia was only serving as the foil for Xander's hilarious retort of, "Yep. You're doomed to having to give him and his vamp pals a lift whenever they feel like it. And those guys never pitch in for gas." Buffy asks Giles if there is a reversal spell, and he turns, preparing to go consult a book, when Xander hops up from his chair saying, "Hello? Excuse me but have you ever heard of knocking?" Cut to Jonathan and some random girl standing near the entrance of the library. Jonathan explains that they need to get a book on Stalin, and Xander asks Jonathan if "this looks like a Barnes & Noble?" Oh, get off it, Xander. Like Sunnydale is even big enough to have a B&N. Giles points out that they're in the school's library and tells Jonathan which row to look. Jonathan and the unimportant girl go into the stacks while Xander points emphatically at the door and the gang files out. What was the point of having that random girl there? She didn't even get a line. Did she win a walk-on role in a contest or something?

The gang is walking along the hall. Cordelia says something annoying and useless. We all ignore her. Giles tells Buffy that Angelus is just trying to throw Buffy off her game. Buffy recounts to Giles that before Angelus turned Dru, he killed off all of her family. In short, Buffy is worried about her mom and wants to tell her what's going on. Giles is against it because it's not procedure. Giles warns Buffy that it's "imperative that you keep a level head through all this." Buffy retorts, "That's easy for you to say. You don't have Angel lurking in your bedroom at night." Or does he? Hmmmm? Giles reminds Buffy that even though this is a difficult situation, she doesn't "have the luxury of being a slave to [her] passions. [She] mustn't let Angel get to [her] no matter how provocative his behavior may become." Let's all remember that, kids, because it becomes important later. Although Buffy is obviously already letting Angel get to her a little too much, what with that velour fake tiger-print top she's wearing.

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