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Jenny's giving some last minute instruction to her class before the bell rings. She stops Willow on her way out and asks her to cover for her in class tomorrow, as she might be a little late. Willow is first excited, then worried about possible calamities. Jenny reassures her, and then they are interrupted by Giles and Buffy, who appear at the door. Jenny says hello to both of them, but Buffy does that snotty teenager thing and completely ignores Jenny and walks off with Willow. Giles, hands in pockets, steps across the threshold, and when Jenny asks him how he's been, exposition ensues. Jenny offers him a book that might be useful, and then asks how Buffy is. Giles basically throws the question right back at her; Jenny looks away and says, "I know you feel betrayed." "Yes. Well that's one of the unpleasant side effects of betrayal," snaps Giles. Jenny takes this moment to explain that she was "raised by the people that Angel hurt the most." Blah blibbedy blah. I don't really understand that qualifier. I mean, Angelus killed one girl from their tribe over a hundred years ago. I'm sure it was very sad and all, but MAN can those gypsies hold a grudge. So Jenny continues with her speech, and she closes with, "I didn't know I was going to fall in love with you." She looks at Giles. He looks at her. Then the Meaningful Look is over and Jenny wonders aloud if she can still take that back. Giles, trying hard to hold onto his composure although you can tell he's thrilled underneath, asks if she wants to take it back. Jenny explains that she wants to make everything up to him, and Giles gently points out that he isn't the one she should be worrying about.

Later that night, Buffy is eating dinner, and Joyce asks her daughter what is troubling her. Buffy gives her the sanitized version and warns her mother that if Angel comes by, she shouldn't invite him in.

Pajama-clad Willow is in her room, talking to Buffy on the phone. Willow tells Buffy that, as Giles said, she shouldn't let Angelus get to her. As she's talking, she sprinkles fish food into her aquarium. She spots an envelope on her bed, opens it, and pulls on the string that's inside. Out comes the fish mobile that Angelus has thoughtfully made for her. Willow drops the phone. Is that the best Angelus could do to get to Willow? Did he expect that would put her over the edge? They're fish. Did he think that perhaps she'd hunt him down, saying, "My name is Willow Rosenberg. You killed my carp. Prepare to die." Anyway, cut to Willow, still in pajamas, sitting next to Buffy on Buffy's bed. Willow thanks her for having her over on a school night, and Buffy apologizes about Willow's fish. Willow tells her that they hadn't bonded yet, and she's just glad that she didn't have a puppy. Buffy mentions that she's still having trouble accepting that it's Angel doing these terrible things because "he's completely different from the guy that I knew." Willow astutely points out, "Well sort of. Except you're still the only thing he thinks about."

Spike and Dru's warehouse. Spike is sitting pensively in his wheelchair. Dru has brought a puppy to tempt Spike's appetite. Spike wheels off angrily, saying, "I won't have you feeding me like a child, Dru." Angel walks in and needles Spike about his lack of independence. Spike says something snippy to Angel. Dru apologizes for him, saying, "You must forgive Spike. He's a bit testy tonight. Doesn't get out much anymore." Angel offers to take Spike with him next time in case Angel ever needs "a really good parking space." Bicker bicker. They're interrupted by Dru being crazy some more. "The air. It worries. Someone, an old enemy, is seeking help. Help to destroy our happy home."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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