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The camera pans across a table littered with skulls, a pig fetus in formaldehyde, and other vaguely occult accessories. Jenny enters the shop, and the shopkeeper, speaking in a heavy Rumanian accent, tries to interest her in a love potion or a voodoo doll. Jenny cuts him off, saying that she's seeking an orb of Thesulah. The shopkeeper drops the accent with an "oh, you're in the trade." He prattles on while fetching the orb from the back room. Blah blah blah without the lost transliteration annals the text of the ritual of the dead is gibberish. Blah blah blah Jenny is "working on a computer program to translate the Ruaniang liturgy to English." Computers give the shopkeeper "the willies." (Geddit?) Jenny says she's going to conjure "a present for a friend of [hers]." That present being "his soul."

Willow and Buffy walk up the steps to school, and Xander catches up with them. I'm sorry that I can't recap their conversation, but I'm sure you'll understand once I tell you about Xander's red and moldy green-gray sweater paired with brown and yellow plaid pants. As if that combination wasn't horrific enough on its own, Willow is wearing an orange and yellow striped fleece shirt. It's at times like this that I wish I were blind -- just like the wardrobe people. Okay, so Willow sees Jenny and gets all upset at "five hours of lesson planning down the drain." Buffy notices Jenny as well and tells Xander that she'll meet up with him in class. Buffy jogs up to Jenny and after a brief hello says, "Look. I know you feel badly [sic] about what happened and I just wanted to say…" Jenny looks at Buffy hopefully. "…Good. Keep it up," finishes Buffy snottily. Jenny says that she will and starts to go, but Buffy redeems herself somewhat by telling Jenny that Giles misses her. "He doesn't say anything to me, but I know he does. And I don't want him to be lonely. I don't want anyone to." Jenny begins to say something, but Buffy interrupts with, "We're…good here. Let's just leave it," and walks away.

Buffy finds Giles in the student lounge. He tells her that he's found a spell to rescind a vampire's invitation. Luckily, it's a fairly basic ritual that uses ingredients that Buffy already has.

Cut to Willow's room. She's busy pounding a cross next to her window; she arranges the curtain to hide it. Buffy asks if the cross will bother Willow's dad, and in response Willow says, "Ira Rosenberg's only daughter, nailing crucifixes to her bedroom wall?" Hey, I'm sure that he'd rather have her nailing crucifixes to the wall than some of the other things Willow could be "nailing." I'm sure if Willow explains it to him that way, everything will be just fine. Willow continues that she isn't even allowed to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, but the trip to Xander's is "worthwhile to see him do the Snoopy dance." Cordelia, who has been laboriously studying Willow's aquarium, points out that it's devoid of fish. Willow makes a frowny face and whimpers while Buffy excuses Cordy for the night. As she's getting her coat, Cordy picks up another folded paper from Willow's bed. Willow opens it and then hands it to Buffy, saying, "It's for you." On the paper is yet another charcoal sketch, this one of Joyce in repose.

Driving down the street in some sort of sport futility vehicle is Joyce. She turns into the driveway, and Angelus is waiting on the front lawn. As Joyce exits her car with a bag of groceries, Angelus immediately turns on the jilted boyfriend routine, trying to get Joyce to intercede with Buffy on his behalf. Maybe Joyce hears the Something Bad Is About To Happen music, because she's very wary and brushes past him towards the door. Of course she drops her groceries to heighten the suspense, and as she and Angelus frantically gather the groceries, I have to laugh as David Boreanaz fumbles an orange, which whizzes off-screen. They're both distracted by it for a moment. Angelus prattles on in some more jealous ex-boyfriend speak. Joyce threatens to call the cops. Then there's the requisite fumbling of the keys as the music swells disturbingly. Angel drops the bomb that he and Buffy slept together, and Joyce looks at him in shock. She finally gets the door open, and with a final warning to leave Buffy alone she steps into the foyer. Angelus tries to follow, but is stopped by an invisible barrier. Buffy and Willow are walking down the stairs with Willow chanting in Latin. In a hard tone, Buffy says, "Sorry, Angel. Changed the locks," and she slams the door in his face.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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