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Later, Giles stands and stares, a horrified blank expression on his face. Police lights flash across his face as the authorities wheel Jenny's body out of his apartment. A policeman tells Giles he'll need to come to the station to answer a few questions, and the stunned Giles agrees, saying he just needs to make a call first.

Angelus voiceover: "Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief." We see that he is peering into Buffy's house, where Buffy and Willow are walking through the dining room. Inside the house, the phone rings. Buffy answers and looks happy for a second -- then her face crumples and she looks shocked and miserable. Angelus peers intently, savoring every moment. Buffy silently hands the phone to Willow, who listens, then cries, "What? No! No!" Behind her, Buffy slumps down the wall to the floor. Angelus smirks wickedly. Joyce runs in and hugs the sobbing Willow, and Buffy rests her teary face on her knee. No, I told you I am not crying. Someone at work had pink-eye and they must have given it to me.

Cordy and Xander pull up in front of Buffy's house in Cordy's car. When Buffy asks, Xander explains that Giles wasn't at the station when they got there. Buffy is worried about what Giles "is gonna do," and the girls get in Cordy's garlic-festooned car to go to Giles's house.

In Giles's house, we see the trampled roses on the stairs and his weapons chest lying open. Giles tosses a gas can into a large duffel and leaves. The camera pulls in close on the drawing of dead Jenny that Angelus has left behind for him.

Xander opens the door to Giles's place and he, Willow, Cordy, and Buffy duck under the police tape to enter. They look around, and when Xander muses, "I guess Giles had a big night planned tonight," Buffy corrects him that Angelus set up the scene. When she calls the preparations the "wrapping for the gift," the full import of what Giles experienced sinks in for Xander. They notice his empty weapons chest, and Buffy confirms that Giles isn't upstairs. They discuss that Giles must have gone after Angel, to the Factory, and Xander bursts out, "Well, it's about time somebody did!" Willow is shocked, but Xander gets in his big speech: "I'm sorry, but let's not forget that I hated Angel long before you guys jumped on the bandwagon. So I think I deserve a little something for not saying 'I told you so' long before now. And if Giles wants to go after the, uh, fiend that murdered his girlfriend, I say, 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'" ["How very Xander to bust out a Russ Meyer reference here." -- Sars] Buffy tells him he's right, but that Giles's "revenge scenario" will just get him killed.

At the Factory, Spike is railing on Angelus for once again not killing the Slayer. Dru tells him that the "bad teacher was going to restore Angel's soul," and Spike retorts that he preferred the "old Buffy-whipped Angelus." He then says that Angelus's "little pranks" are going to leave them with "one incredibly brassed-off Slayer." "Don't worry, Rollerboy," snaps Angel, declaring that he's got everything under control. At that moment, a Molotov cocktail smashes near them, and the large table in the center of the room bursts into flames. Angelus starts to run and is stopped by a crossbow bolt to the shoulder. Giles marches in, drops the crossbow and, picking up a flaming baseball bat, starts to beat Angelus about the head. Dru wants to join in, but Spike stops her. Giles drops Angelus with his blows, but then leaves himself open, and Angelus manages to grab the bat. They struggle, and Angelus gets Giles by the throat. "All right, you've had your fun," growls Angelus, "but you know what it's time for now?" "My fun!" responds Buffy, and kicks Angelus in the back. They fight, Dru whisks Spike away in his wheelchair, and Giles lies unconscious amongst the flames. Buffy and Angelus engage in a nifty little fight, using chains and other props from around the Factory. Buffy is winning, and as she smashes Angelus repeatedly into a railing, he starts to laugh, taunting her, "Are you gonna let your old man just burn?" Buffy stares at Giles, and while she's distracted, Angelus tosses her over the railing. Her Slayer-skills allow her to land without getting hurt, but Angelus gets away. Buffy helps Giles up and they stumble out. Outside, Giles shoves Buffy away and snarls, "Why did you come here? This wasn't your fight!" so Buffy punches him in the face. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" she demands, and then she starts crying and hugging him: "You can't leave me. I can't do this alone." My, uh, pink-eye is really flaring up over here.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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