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Primeval (2)

Previously on Buffy: Maggie Walsh created Adam, who killed her; Adam recruited Spike for his cause; Forrest blamed Buffy for stealing his boyfriend Riley; the Scooby gang had a big fight; Riley went to see Adam.

Open on the burned-out remains of Sunnydale High. Buffy and her Bedazzled coat call for Riley. I guess since the Mayor died, public works have slowed down in Sunnydale. I can't think of any other reason that school is still standing.

In Adam's cave lair, Adam bores Riley and then calls him "brother." Adam explains that Professor Walsh installed a chip in Riley's chest that allows Adam to control him. Riley gives Adam some lip for calling him brother, but Adam tells him to sit, demonstrating Riley's powerlessness. He then continues to ramble about the power that Riley will experience once he's accepted his destiny as Adam's henchman. Riley glares. I hate this episode, because I hate any episode that begins with an Adam-intensive scene.

After the credits I am disappointed to see that we return to Adam and Riley in Adam's lair. Adam is starting to explain his big plan to Riley, who grits out, "Not really wanting a lecture right now." Adam, who of course wouldn't know an enthusiastic audience if it bit him on his green ass, continues to explain that demons are basically old-fashioned and "hopeless with technology" (except our boy Spike, right?). In contrast, humans are smart, but have the weakness of emotion. Adam says that "Mother's" plan was for Riley to fight next to Adam's side. Spike snarks at this scene of brotherly love from the doorway and then enters, demanding that Adam keep his deal and remove the chip in Spike's head. Adam just fixes Spike with a steely glare. Upon re-inspecting the chip-controlled Riley, Spike teases, "Slightly stiffer than usual." ["Was that a shout-out?" -- Sars] He snaps his fingers in front of Riley's face and continues, "What's with him?" He then starts poking Riley in the chest. As I watched this scene, I realized that the guy who plays Adam is actually a few inches taller than Marc Blucas, which makes him a very big man. Together he and Riley dwarf Spike to such an extent that I giggled. Sorry, James honey. Adam explains about Riley's chip, and Spike makes cranky noises about chips. Adam reminds Spike that he's going to remove the chip when the Slayer is where Adam wants her. Spike flops down on the couch, gloating about how he sowed discontent in the Scooby gang and insured that none of them will be talking to Buffy soon. Adam agrees that's "how" he wanted Buffy, but "where" he wants her is in the Initiative compound, so that she can "achieve maximum carnage before she is too weak to go on." Riley protests, but Adam shuts him up with a command, and I must say I wish I had the remote to Riley's chip; I'd program him to sit in the corner for every episode next season and never open his big trap. Spike replies that the info on the discs he gave Willow will get Buffy into the Initiative, but Adam points out that if Willow isn't speaking to Buffy due to Spike's interference, then she isn't likely to give Buffy the information in the first place. I personally think Willow's better than that, but Spike and Adam couldn't be expected to know such a thing. Spike finally realizes the flaw in his plan and rushes off to manipulate Buffy into entering the Initiative.

A knock at Giles's door. He answers, holding an ice pack to the back of his neck, to finds Willow and Tara. Giles, painfully hung-over, clutches the front of his velvet bathrobe and explains that he's had "a bit of a late start." Willow nods understandingly, and Tara nicely says she hopes Giles feels okay. Giles tries to put on a brave front, saying he's fine and will be going out for a jog soon, but he isn't fooling the l'il witchies. Willow explains that she forgot her laptop, and Giles invites them in. He asks if they'll be working at his apartment, and although his mouth says it would be fine, his queasy face is screaming at them to go away quickly. Willow assures him she doesn't want to stay and tucks her laptop into her shoulder bag. Giles smiles wanly at Tara who grins back. Willow and Tara leave and Giles shuts the door behind them.

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