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Hey, I forgot to mention this in earlier Season Two recaps, but I really like that Giles took over the "In every generation..." speech from the WB announcer guy. Color you shocked.

Fade up on the exterior of Chez Summers. We hear a woman's voice warbling. In Buffy's bedroom, our teen Scoob triad is watching a movie. Buffy and Xander are lying facedown on the bed, while Willow sits at the foot of it. Buffy absently plays with Willow's hair, and Willow intermittently drinks from a juice box. Aw. So cute! Sorry for all the detail, but this is by far the best scene in the episode, so I'm going to drag it out as long as possible. Xander asks if the woman on the screen is dying, but Buffy says she thinks she's singing. Xander points out that she's doing so into a telephone in Hindi, and snarks, "Now that's entertainment." He asks why she's singing. Willow: "She's sad because her lover gave her twelve gold coins, but then the wizard cut open the bag of salt, and now the dancing minions have nowhere to put their big maple...fish thing." Hee. Xander: "Why is she singing?" You said that already. Buffy says she thought the lover was actually her chiropractor. Willow: "Because of that thing he did with her feet? No, that was personal." Yeah, just ask Claire Fisher. Xander exposits that they're home because they have no money, and while I find that entirely realistic, it makes Buffy's subscription to the "Cows ain't for eating, they're for wearing!" club even more glaringly inconsistent. Buffy says that she's very happy just to be hangin' with her buds, and says that there's not much baddie activity in Sunnydale at the moment, cueing an assistant to yell to the Ironic Segue Fairy, "You're on in five seconds!" Buffy then asks, "So how does the water buffalo fit in again?" Hee.

Fade up on a huge lawn in front of a sprawling two-story house. Upstairs, a girl of eighteen or so comes crashing through a window onto a small terrace. She rolls over the edge and drops to the ground. A figure in a brown monk-like robe runs out onto the terrace and sees her, then runs back in. The girl, who looks terrified, starts to flee. Several more robe-clad figures come out of the house and give chase. Creepy chase music plays. The girl runs into some sparse woods, and as the figures continue to pursue her, we can discern that they're male. The girl reaches a stone wall, which she gets over with the aid of some thick low branches. She's now in a graveyard. Despite her best efforts, a few of the robed guys are gaining on her. She desperately continues fleeing until she runs into a smarmy, generically decent-looking frat-boy type. He smirks, "Callie. Where you goin'? The party's just getting started." Maybe she heard a thing or two about your sexual "prowess," asshole. Evil Frat Jerk's cronies drag Callie away. He replaces his hood and follows. I can understand why they chose to reveal this guy's evilness so early, to set up a possible dramatic tension between him and the milquetoast guy in the viewer's mind, but I think it was an error. Maybe it's just that the guy was such an asshole that they thought a mere robe wouldn't cover it, so why bother trying? Anyway, credits.

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