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In the library, Giles prints out what I presume is a police report on Callie. No one has seen or heard from her in over a week, and that's enough for Giles to decide that calling Buffy is a good idea. Willow desperately plays the sick mother card, and Giles says he'll wait until they know more. Unfortunately, Willow immediately discovers that some other girls went missing a year ago, almost to the day. This screams "ritual killing," and Giles says he needs to know where Buffy found the bracelet. Wouldn't that have come up at some point earlier? Thinking quickly, Willow tells Giles to call Angel, as he was there when Buffy found it, and they could use the help. Giles, somehow failing to detect Willow's ulterior motive, looks convinced.

Back at If These Walls Could Talk 2 manor, the party's over, and Kurt and Ram boot Xander out, possibly to have a very special conversation of their own. Xander tries to ask about Buffy. Kurt: "You know, in that light, with that wig on and all...you still butt-ugly!" Okay, heh. They close the door in his face, and Xander's left to lament the fact that even in drag, he didn't get invited to participate in an orgy.

Basement. Tom kneels, shirtless. He has symbols scarred into his flesh. How do these guys explain those to girls? (Or guys.) Richard carves some more markings into Tom's back. Cordy and Buffy are now manacled against the wall as well. Cordy asks Buffy what's going on, but Buffy isn't sure. Cordy whines that she wants to go home. Callie's throaty voice cuts in that no one's going home. She says that Tom's nicer than the others, and that he's the one to watch out for. Actually, I think the demon is the one to watch out for, but I think she was just conveying that Tom is the leader. Tom rises and dons a ceremonial robe. Looking at Buffy, he says, "She's last." Aw. He likes her! Cordy predictably wants to know who's first. There's more ritualistic stuff, but the payoff is so lame that I'm going to skip it. Tom looks at Buffy with deader eyes than Jaws's.

Angel has arrived at the library, and tells them what he knows. Predictably, it doesn't take long. Giles notices that Willow's distracted, and asks what she's doing. She's checking out her reflection in the window, next to Angel's non-reflection. She asks Angel how he shaves. Hee. But really, that's a good question. I couldn't pull off shaving without a mirror. When she focuses on where Buffy found the bracelet, Willow realizes that Callie was probably trying to escape the frat house, which of course means that she finally has to spill the beans about Buffy and Cordy going to the party. Giles: "She lied to me?" Angel: "Did she have a date?" Willow's reluctance to speak causes them to shake their heads in disbelief, which prompts a blurt session from Willow that would make Ruth Fisher jealous and therefore must be quoted verbatim: "Well, why do you think she went to that party? Because you [pointing to Angel] gave her the brush-off! And you [pointing to Giles] never let her do anything except work and patrol and, I know she's the Chosen One, but you're killing her with the pressure, I mean, she's sixteen going on forty! And you [back to Angel], I mean, you're gonna live forever! You don't have time for a cup of coffee?" Giles and Angel look completely cowed. Willow: "Okay, I don't feel better now, and we've got to help Buffy." Ha! Willow, remember the five and dime? It misses you. They leave.

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