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School courtyard. We hear a fake-laugh-over from Cordy, and then we see her, talking to a girl who looks a bit like Cate Blanchett with a bigger nose and flaming red hair. Turns out the fake laugh was a demonstration. Cordy, holding a magazine, explains that "Dr. Debbie" counsels that when a man is speaking, you should make serious eye contact and really listen. There are so many directions in which I could take that statement that my brain is overloading. I think I'll just skip it. She goes on that you should laugh at everything he says, and gives a laugh that's even faker than the first one. Then she smiles proudly at BigNosedCateBlanchett. Hee. Coming down the outdoor stairs, Buffy has just told Willow that she dreamed about Angel for the "third night in a row." I still found Angel pretty attractive in Season Two, so I won't say anything about bad things coming in threes. Plus, Willow's being very cute as she asks if it was one of those vivid dreams. Buffy says it had "surround sound," and Willow gushes that she and Angel are so right for each other. At Buffy's look, she concedes that his being a vampire isn't a point of compatibility. Buffy whines that she can't have a relationship with Angel, but Willow suggests that she could ask him out for coffee. "It's the non-relationship drink of choice. It's not a date; it's a caffeinated beverage. Okay, sure, it's hot and bitter like a relationship that way, but --" Xander interrupts to ask what's like a relationship, which annoys me, since that speech was so Old Willow. Buffy sighs that "nothing [she has]" is like a relationship, but then slyly murmurs, "Coffee?" to Willow. Willow smiles. She and Buffy walk out of the frame as Xander stops in front of Cordy and BigNosedCateBlanchett for some reason. Cordy's extolling the virtues of college guys. She says there's no comparison to high school guys, and pointing to Xander, snarks to BigNosedCateBlanchett, "Look at that." Actually, Xander looks improbably good in a fluorescent yellow shirt over a gray tee. I think it's the black messenger bag that really rounds out the ensemble. He asks if she's dating college guys now, and she confirms that she's seeing a "Delta Zeta Kappa." Xander attempts some lame snark, but Cordy shuts him down, and he goes to join Buffy and Willow, who are a bit farther down the hall. BigNosedCateBlanchett thinks, "If I get that nose job, will I finally see a speaking part or two?" Buffy realizes that she was supposed to meet Giles in the library ten minutes earlier, but opines that he won't be upset. Assistant: "You're on in three...two...one..."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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