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Xander is suggesting the three of them watch Indian TV again that night, but Cordy stomps up and tells Buffy that Richard and Aaron Buerge In My Mind's Eye want to meet her. Buffy says she doesn't want to meet any frat boys. I can understand that sentiment, although it's always fun to see which ones go gay after the right amount of alcohol. I am so setting myself up here. Cordy grabs Buffy: "And if there was a God, don't you think He'd keep it that way?" One of the more subtle meta-references to Joss's atheism. Richard, who has gotten out of the car, smarms, "Hi, sweetheart. I'm Richard. And you are?" Buffy snits, "So not interested." She starts to walk off, but Cordy pulls her back, saying she's a "little comedian." She must have written this episode, then, because it's a joke. Richard asks if she plays hard to get. Aaron Buerge In My Mind's Eye cuts in that Richard is just "easy to resist."

Buffy walks off, but ABIMME tells her to ignore Richard, and that he does all the time. He introduces himself as "Tom Warner," and I'm glad I have something shorter to call him now. He goes on that he's a senior at "Crestwood College," and that he feels like a complete dolt meeting her this way. "Feels like"? I thank him again for providing me with another short name to call him, but I've already ripped off a nickname from Gustave, so I'd better not step on Demian's turf. Buffy removes her sunglasses with a somewhat dreamy look in her eyes. Tom goes on, "Here I stand in all my doltishness." Demian, he said it, not I. Xander guffaws that Buffy won't fall for that line, and I wish he were right for once. Buffy introduces herself, and "clever," "flirtatious" banter ensues. Xander, more worriedly: "She's gonna walk away!...Now!" Tom tells Buffy that Richard invited Cordy to their party. Quick shot of Cordy fake-laughing again. Hee. That's not going to get old for me any time soon. Tom: Blah blah blah I'm-only-in-the-frat-because-it's-a-family-tradition-cakes. He goes on that the frat parties are full of really dull people. You don't say. He asks her to come with him, but she tells him she's involved with someone. He takes it graciously. They babble a little more until Giles's voice cuts across the courtyard, calling her. He points to his watch, then stalks off. Buffy says she has to go, but sincerely tells Tom that it was nice to meet him. She leaves. Tom looks after her blandly. He really looks like he's wearing lip gloss, by the way. Xander seethes that he hates the frat guys, that whatever they want falls into their laps, and asks Willow if she feels the same way. Willow: "Yeah, with their charmed lives [Demian!], and their movie-star good looks, and more money than you can count" -- look from Xander -- "I'm hating!" Hee. But "movie-star good looks"? Does William Zabka really count as a movie star? ["Oh, come on -- we all loved him in Shootfighter II. If by 'all loved him in' you mean 'have never even heard of.'" -- Sars]

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