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Wow! Last Buffy recap of the season. Together Sep and I would like to give shout-outs to Sars, Wing, Glark, and the regulars on the MBTV Buffy boards. I'd also like to thank my family, Ash, and my employers, who don't actually know that I do this on their time. Sep wants to thank owen, Keight, The Boy, and Les.

Previously on Buffy: Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles cast a spell to combine their powers and defeat Adam. In the spell, Willow was the spirit, Giles was the mind, Xander the heart, and Buffy the hand. Empowered Buffy yanked Adam's glow-stick, er, I mean "power source" and he croaked. And that better be permanent, Joss Whedon.

Strange structure to this episode: the previouslys, no teaser, immediately into the credits and then back to the show. I only mention this because I'm a creature of habit and this unconventional sequence really threw me off.

At the Summers's front door, Buffy asks Riley if he's going to be okay. As Giles and Willow look on, Riley assures Buffy that he just has to go in for routine questioning. He says that Graham and the other soldiers who survived will testify on his behalf and he'll get an honorable discharge. I'm having trouble paying attention to the Riley blather because the credits are showing such fascinating names as Mercedes McNab, George Hertzberg (nooo, I thought we were rid of Adam), Seth Green, and Armin Shimerman! Woo hoo, Seth Green! Xander comes on the scene with "dinner" (a bowl of microwave popcorn) and Riley prepares to leave after saying his good-byes to Joyce, who pointedly says it was nice to "finally" meet him. It's nice to finally see Joyce again. And it would be nice to finally see the tail end of Riley for good, but we all know that ain't going to happen. The gang trails into the living room to watch videos; Joyce declines an invitation to join them. Xander pushes to watch Apocalypse Now, describing it as a "gay romp" and "the feel-good movie of whatever year it was." Time to stop smoking the monkey crack, Xander. But this does remind me that I really, really need to break down and rent Apocalypse Now, as I've never seen it. The girls aren't convinced, and Xander admits he brought other selections, enough to last them all night. He pops a video into the VCR, but the gang are all crashed out and asleep before the FBI warning is even over. Well, at least that way they're spared the endless trailers for such straight-to-video cinematic gems as The Wharf Rat, Dusk Till Dawn 2, and Jade.

The camera pulls in on Willow and then into her dream. In Tara's dorm room, a shirtless Tara lies on her stomach, head cradled on her folded arms. She worries that they haven't found Miss Kitty's name yet. Dreamy slo-mo shot of Miss Kitty romping with a ball of yarn. Tara repeats that she thought the cat would have let them know her name by now. Willow, sitting nearby, assures Tara that the cat will let them know her name and "she's not all grown yet." Tara asks if Willow is worried; Willow smiles and says, "I never worry here. I'm safe here." Tara responds that Willow doesn't know everything about her, and Willow makes a considering face, then asks if Tara has revealed her real name. Tara dismisses the question, saying that Willow knows it, and we see Willow dipping a brush in an inkwell. As she does so, Tara says, "They will find out, you know. About you." This appears to worry Willow, but she says she can't think about it -- she has schoolwork to complete. The camera pans out a little wider, and we see that Willow is painting letters in ink on Tara's nude back. I shout "Ooh!" and add The Pillow Book to my "movies to rent" list that I'm preparing in anticipation of three weeks of house-sitting this summer. Tara asks if Willow will finish her work before class, adding that Willow has never taken drama before. A close-up of Tara's back reveals about ten lines of what appear to be Greek letters (a poem by Sappho, apparently. Subtle in a not-very-subtle sort of way, Joss) painted on her back. Willow says she doesn't want to leave, but when Tara finally looks at her and asks, "Why not?" Willow just gets up and walks to a window. She pulls back the shade and bright light floods the room, illuminating Tara's back. Outside the window is a deserty landscape (looks a lot like where I live -- or more likely, the desert fifty miles outside Los Angeles) and Willow says, "There's something out there." We see flashes of something moving from bush to bush and then an extreme close-up of Miss Kitty, stalking the camera in slo-mo. I hope the cat is back next season. Maybe Miss Kitty can have Anya's slot -- I mean, they're both catty. Groan, I know.

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