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Library. Willow thinks she's made the catalyst for the living flame, but wants to test it. Xander discovers what the glove does in a book, and shows it to Willow. Willow: "There's no time to test this." They run. This glove better live up to the hype. I'm just sayin'.

Buffy starts to explain to Faith what's going on, but Krister interrupts to tell Faith not to trust Buffy because "she's blinded by love." Faith looks unsure, but when Buffy drops her guard, Faith spins and kicks her in the face. The Slayers are off. What can I say? The fight scenes between these two are hands down, in my opinion, the best the series has ever offered. This one is actually my favorite from a technical standpoint, although there was a lot more at stake (hee) in the "Graduation Day Part One" fight. Faith gets Buffy in a headlock, and Buffy does the "chick fight" thing from "What's My Line Part One," digging her nails into Faith's wrist. She then pulls Faith outside through a glass door. They get up and assume classic defensive stances again. Faith looks betrayed and hurt, and not in the "You stole my Barbie!" way. They resume the fight. Willow and Xander arrive and attend to Krister. She tells them to help Faith. Xander goes outside as Willow helps Krister up. Xander tries to talk to them, but Faith tosses him aside like a rag doll, prompting Buffy to deliver an extremely vicious jumping punch to Faith's left cheek. I'll come back to that later. Krister opens the trunk and gets the glove. She mutters, "Finally!" before whapping Willow across the face with the glove, sending her to the ground. This woman sure knows how to take advantage of her opportunities.

Faith and Buffy get tangled up as Krister dons the glove. The teeth loudly close around her wrist. She holds the glove on high, under a skylight, and starts chanting in a foreign language. I can usually recognize Latin, even though I never took it, but I don't think that's what this is. Thunder starts to rumble, and the girls stop fighting. Faith asks what's going on. Krister: "Faith. A word of advice: You're an idiot." I. Got. Nothin'. Krister chants something that sounds like "Ta freem!" I have got to get closed-captioning. A bolt of lightning breaks though the glass and permeates the glove. She turns to the Slayers, who recoil in horror. "Ta freem!" She sends a bolt of lightning their way, and they dive aside, narrowly missing getting hit. There's a really cool shot of Krister bathed in shattered glass and electricity. Good effects in this scene. Oh, and I totally was not disappointed in the power of the glove. I want one of those. Angel is only now recovering from Faith's attack. That seems like it took a little too much time, but really, I'm not complaining, because this scene rocks. Willow gets to her feet, looking terrified and helpless. Krister targets her next, but Angel tackles her out of the way. Buffy asks Faith if she can draw Krister's fire. Faith, obviously shaken, puts a brave face forward: "You bet I can." Faith takes off as Buffy starts looking around for a suitable weapon. Krister sees Faith go, and points the glove at the spot where she knows Faith will reappear. She takes her best guess as to when to shoot. She narrowly misses, but man, this woman is smart and collected. Put her brain in Glory's head, and we might have had a worthy Big Bad. Buffy finds a large jagged piece of glass. Krister finally makes her one mistake, allowing herself to boast out loud, "There's nothing you can do to me now. I have the glove, and with the glove comes power." Buffy: "I'm getting that." Krister turns, but Buffy has already let the glass fly, and it cuts Krister's arm off at the elbow. Ouch. A bolt of lightning crashes through, immolating a screaming Krister. In a beautifully filmed shot, the gang recovers, and, spread out in a circle, they slowly and silently close on the glove. The teeth loudly unlock from Krister's severed forearm. Cree-pee.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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