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Things aren't always as they seem

School. Xander and Willow are catching Oz and Cordy up. They exposit that the glove is no more, thanks to the living flame. Willow says that she likes Angel again because "he saved her from a horrible flamey death." You're an easy sell, Willow. Xander concedes that as long as Buffy and Angel don't get "pelvic," they should be fine. Buffy appears, and asks Xander if they're cool. He says yes. She looks more battered from the fight than any time I can recall in the series up to this point. Xander says he trusts her, which is a crock of shit, if you ask me. Not to get all Jonathan Kent, but actions speak louder than words. Cordy: "I don't. Just for the record." Heh. Giles pops up behind Buffy. Buffy asks about Krister. Giles explains that she was actually a Watcher, but was kicked out for "misuses of dark power. They swear there was a memo." Ha. Ha. Jerks. The CoW just sucks and blows. Buffy says she has to do "more damage control."

Knock at Faith's door. She's on the bed, watching TV and reading a magazine. She somewhat eagerly says, "Come in!" but her face falls when she sees that it's Buffy. Buffy tells her the place looks nice. Faith: "Yeah, it's real spartan." Aw. Faith is lost without her Svengali. And isn't she cute when she tries to use Kevin Williamson-esque words? Okay, now I've just thought of Dawson Leery going off on one of his SAT-word-laden diatribes, and Faith punching him. Hee. If Teddy Roosevelt were alive and watched this show, he'd probably amend his famous saying to "Speak softly, and carry a Faith." Between her and a Glove of Mynhegon, no one would ever bother me again. Whoa, stream of consciousness. Where was I? Right. The recap. Buffy advances some more pleasantries. Faith isn't feeling it. Buffy then says that Krister had everyone fooled, even Giles. Faith bitterly says, "Well, you can't trust people. I should have learned that by now." We see Faith's face for the first time this scene, and wow, she looks worse than Buffy does. The left side of her face is just a swollen mess. I have to give major props for that -- the swelling is consistent with that punch Buffy delivered that I mentioned earlier. Little things like that made this show great, back in the day. Buffy tells Faith that she can trust her, and apologizes for keeping secrets. Faith isn't having it, so Buffy turns to go. Faith agitatedly calls Buffy's name. Buffy hopefully turns around, but Faith, after a pause, says, "Nothing." Buffy leaves. She and Faith both look upset. Not "let's fight to the death" upset -- that comes later. Still, this episode kicked ass.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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