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Cut to Buffy and Angel at the mansion, doing T'ai Chi. He's shirtless. Again. I'm really starting to come around to Strega's viewpoint on this. I think it could be summed up like so: "Put a damn shirt on, buddy. What the hell did I ever do to you?" He puts his arms around her as part of the exercise. That was about as subtle as that trick where you're sitting on the couch with someone, pretend to stretch, and put your arm around him or her. I used to go around chopping people's arms off that did that. It's how I got my nickname. Okay, not really, but I should remember that story the next time some jerk tries to hit on me. Anyway, they almost kiss, but Buffy pulls away, saying she has to go, and that she'd "better hurry before someone figures out what we're doing." Angel: "What are we doing?" Well, you're putting on a shirt, finally. But it wasn't in time to prevent this conversation from happening:

Couch Baron: Hi, Strega? I'm glad I got you. I just wanted to tell you I totally agree with you that Angel should keep his clothes on. I mean, when was the last time that guy did a sit-up?
Strega: So let me get this straight. You call me during the summer, when I could blissfully hope that Angel would stay at the bottom of the ocean, fully clothed, for all eternity, to fill my head with the image of him naked?
Couch Baron: Wow, when you put it that way, you must --
Strega: Hate you? Yeah, I do.

See the pain and misery that caused? Buffy says that they were "training...and almost kissing." She says it's a bad habit that needs to be broken. Angel: "It's hard." I'll just bet it is, buddy. And, ew. I grossed myself out again. Sometimes being so snarky is a liability. The sexual tension rises (ew!) until Angel tells Buffy to go. Buffy offhandedly mentions Lagos, which seems to ring a bell with Angel, although she doesn't notice. He distractedly tells her to be careful. She leaves.

Library. Giles agitatedly tells Willow and Xander that he can't find anything about Lagos, and commands them to help. Xander: "Hey, you're not the Watcher of me." Giles: "Then go home. But if you choose to stay, then work." He stomps off. A Giles temper tantrum! It would have been funnier if Giles had gone all Ripper and stuck a lit cigarette in Xander's eye. Or better yet, a frickin' yellow crayon.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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