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Things aren't always as they seem

Willow and Xander grouse to each other about being tired. They sit in the stacks, and Willow starts moaning and rubbing her temples. The Guitar Of Infidelity starts a-strumming as Xander rubs them too. She insincerely tells him to stop, then grabs him and starts with the macking. We see Giles's legs appear behind them. He calls their names, and they pull apart and get to their feet. With his back to them, he tells them that he found the probable location of the glove: the von Hauptmann family crypt. Xander says he knows where that is, in the Restfield cemetery, and Willow asks how he found the glove's location. He busts her: "I looked." His meaning plain, Willow looks chastened. Xander volunteers to check out the crypt, and I can't believe Giles lets him go alone, but he does. Willow says she'll keep researching, but Giles isn't having it: "I'd say we're done." He walks away. He so knew what they were doing, even if he didn't see it. Willow looks distraught.

Faith is telling Buffy about the guys she's dated. One was a "deadbeat," another a "klepto." The next one's problem, she says contemptuously, was that he was a "drummer." Ha! That cracked me up. Probably because one of my best friends dated a drummer, and he was a complete deadbeat loser. Wouldn't have surprised me if he were a klepto, too. Sars, remember him? ["Ah yes -- Wrongo Starr. How could I forget?" -- Sars] Faith goes on that she only uses men for sex now, because "you can't trust guys." I smell a bit of ironic foreshadowing. Faith asks Buffy about her love life, saying, "You boinked the undead. What was that like?" Hee. Hee. That gives me an idea:

Couch Baron: Okay, guys. Death Is Not An Option, with people who resemble the undead. Let's all pool names. I'll start: Donald Pleasence, circa You Only Live Twice.
Sars: Ew. Just because you like Bond movies. Peter Cushing, as Grand Moff Tarkin.
Shack: Ew. You would pick a Star Wars actor. Dick Clark.
Aaron: Ew. You would pick him: American Bandstand, American Idol. Let's see...Ed Begley Jr.
Couch Baron, Sars, and Shack: That's so not right. We're never playing this game again.

Buffy says that talking about Angel is hard for her, but Faith encourages her to try. Buffy, slightly sharply, says she'd rather not, and ED does a great job of making Faith look ever-so-slightly hurt at Buffy's refusal to confide in her. Faith suggests that since they're "oh for six" on cemeteries, they pack it in. Buffy's tired, but thinks that maybe they should hit Shady Hill before they call it a night. Faith says that one is on her way home. Buffy's worried about Faith going alone, but Faith says she's already got one babysitter, and she doesn't need another. They say good night.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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