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Things aren't always as they seem

Faith, entering the graveyard, sees Lagos looking in a coffin, his back to her. He's got a mean-looking axe on his back, and he's butt-ugly. She attacks him, but he's super-strong, and he throws her to the ground. She comes at him again, but he sends her back to the mat with a vicious punch. He can't find the glove, and leaves in a huff as Faith watches, too hurt to get up.

Cut to the Restfield cemetery, where Xander is talking to himself. "Hey Giles, here's a nifty idea. Why don't I alleviate my guilt by going out and getting myself really, really killed?" Hey buddy, you said it, not me. Oh, lighten up, I'm kidding. Sort of. He hears a noise coming out of the von Hauptmann crypt, and takes cover. Angel emerges, holding something wrapped in cheesecloth. He walks off, with Xander following him.

Xander tiptoes down the steps to the mansion. He goes to a window, and sees Buffy and Angel making out. At least he's a non-judgmental, sympathetic friend -- oh, wait. Well, at least he likes Angel, so -- oh, wait. This isn't going to be pretty, is it?

Buffy and Angel mack some more, then pull away. She laments coming there, but Angel says that it's good she did. He unwraps the cheesecloth, which contains the glove. It's a large, metal, spiky-looking thing, with teeth around the opening. Buffy: "World's ugliest fashion accessory." I don't know, Buffy; it would have improved a few of your ensembles. She reaches for the glove, but Angel tells her that once it's on, it can never be taken off. Buffy: "So, no touching. Kinda like us." I'd prefer the kissing over a whinge-fest. I know it's a tough call. Buffy says she'll tell Giles in the morning. "At least he'll be happy. Or possibly he'll pass on one of the many bitch-slaps he's received in this episode." Yeah, well, she should have said that last part.

Giles and Krister, at his apartment. Giles is excited to find an illustration of the Glove of Mynhegon, but Krister explains that the illustration is based on "very sketchy and unreliable folk legends. The pictures are fun to look at, Mr. Giles, but one really ought to read the nice words as well." See my earlier comments about her level of snarkiness. I. Got. Nothin'. Giles, the picture of wounded dignity, goes to get the tea that's on the stove. Krister says that she knows he finds her tiresome, but "a person slips up on the little things and soon everything's gone to hell in a hand basket. For example, Buffy, your Slayer." The count is now nine. Giles assures her that Buffy is no problem, which is Xander's cue to bust in, saying, "Giles, we have a big problem. It's Buffy." Krister gives Giles a priceless look, and he agitatedly takes Xander aside. Krister sardonically offers her assistance, but Giles says it's unnecessary. Poor Giles. He just can't catch a break, can he? Maybe he could use some stress relief. Hey, Sars, where're you going?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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