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Okay, rant over for now. Krister enters Giles's office. He apologizes for bestirring her, but she brushes off the comment. When he offers her some tea, however, she lets her guard down for the first time: "God, yes, please. I'm completely knackered." She explains that she was training with Faith, and Giles asks if Faith is her first Slayer. Huh? How few Watchers are there? That makes no sense. If she had Watched a Slayer before, how could he not know that? And does that mean Giles has been Watcher to a different Slayer? What a dumb question. No wonder Krister's been running circles around him. She asks whether he's questioning her qualifications, but he assures her that he's not. He then tells her where the glove is. She says they must hide it. Giles: "Or better yet, destroy it." Her confidence cracks just a bit as she repeats, "Destroy it?" He explains that using "living flame" will destroy the glove. So they're going to have Nathan Lane come around and do a comedy routine for it? He says that the ritual to create the living flame is complex, but that he has all the necessary materials. He turns to research something. Krister says, "Good show," and conks him on the head with a statue. He looks at her, stunned. "Good show indeed." Conk. Ruh-roh! And I didn't see that coming at all. Should have, but didn't. Oh, this show used to be so good.

Buffy and Willow in the Restfield cemetery. Willow wonders if Faith shouldn't be there too, but Buffy says she couldn't reach her. Buffy asks how long Willow thinks Giles will stay mad at her. Willow: "The emotional Marathon Man?" Hee. I can just picture Giles in his Ripper days, standing over a dentist's chair and asking some hapless victim, "Is it safe?" And if you've never seen that movie, you should. Buffy says she can't blame him, but she feels better now that her secret's out in the open. Willow overidentifies with that sentiment: "Keeping secrets is a lot of work -- one could hypothetically imagine." Buffy, ever-clueless to Willow's mood: "You have no idea." Willow, too breezily: "None whatsoever." Heh. Willow wonders if no one knowing about Buffy and Angel made being with him sexier. Honey, I saw Angel. Shirtless. "Sexy" didn't enter into it. Buffy says that there was too much pressure for her to enjoy it. She finally wakes up to the idea that Willow might be trying to tell her something. Willow hems and haws, saying that she generally considers herself to be a good person. I guess the "clothes kiss" sent her down a slippery slope of "magic addiction," destroying the world, and dark, dark, dark hair. She asks Buffy not to judge her, but right before she can spill her story, Lagos appears. Buffy attacks him. There's a series of hilarious Willow reaction shots to the fight. Buffy gets a shot in that causes him to double over, exposing the sheathed axe on his back. Thinking quickly, she draws the axe and decapitates him. She comes back to Willow and tells her to finish her thought, but Willow chickens out.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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