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Things aren't always as they seem

Faith and Xander enter the library. They procure weapons, and are about to leave when they hear a groan. They find Giles on the floor, and Faith, assuming that Angel is responsible, takes it as more incentive to kill him. Xander, dialing for an ambulance, says it doesn't look like a vampire attack, but Faith isn't hearing him, and she leaves.

Angel in the mansion, performing the ritual to create the living flame. Here's a question: If he knew so much about the glove, why didn't he retrieve it when he was evil? I've seen this episode numerous times, and this is the first time I've considered that thought. I kind of wish I hadn't. He finishes his Latin chant.

Willow and Buffy enter the library to find Giles on a stretcher, head bandaged, with a medical team around him. Giles woozily tells Buffy to use living flame to destroy the glove, and they take him away. They turn to Xander, and Buffy asks what happened. Xander: "Your boyfriend's not as cured as you thought." Argh! Dickus Maximus! Buffy asks if he just assumed it was Angel. Xander: "I didn't. Faith did." Buffy, completely shocked, asks what Xander told her. He said he told her what everyone knows. "She's a big girl. Came to her own conclusions." I can't stand what a dick he is. Xander says that Faith has a ten-minute head start. I'll ignore that, considering that what happens later is next to impossible if that's true. Also, that's a quick 911 response. Buffy asks Willow to go through Giles's research to figure out how to destroy the glove. With one last reproachful look at Xander, she leaves. Xander starts to speak, but Willow points a finger in his face and cuts him off: "Shut up and help me." Great acting by all three.

Krister walks into the mansion. She tells Angel that Giles sent her to help with the ritual. He tells her that that the glove is in the trunk. He turns away, and she grabs a shovel and conks him on the head. She's good with the conkin', this one. She gloats, "That's what I love about this town. Everyone's so helpful."

Buddy Lee for Lee jeans. I never figured out how I felt about those commercials back then, and to be honest, I still have no idea.

Krister tries to open the trunk, but it's padlocked. Snarling, "Bugger!" (Hee. I love that word.), she repeatedly hits the lock with the shovel blade, finally breaking it. As she does, a vamped-out Angel gets up. With a very Angelus-like delivery, he says, "Okay. That hurt." Boy, they should really remember that. When Angel's mopey, just hit him -- it produces dramatic personality improvements. Plus, it's fun. Krister doesn't even bat an eye. This woman is good. She tells him that she intended to kill him, then breaks the shovel handle over her knee and tries to stake him with one of the pieces. I never knew shovels had so many uses. He easily disarms her, however, and throws her into the wall as she tries to escape. He leans over her, which is Faith's cue to enter. "I can't believe how much I'm gonna kill you." They fight. We see that Krister is regaining consciousness. Faith has the better will to fight Angel, and she quickly throws him to the ground. She raises a stake on high, but out of nowhere, Buffy catches her arms as they descend. Faith rasps, "What!" as Buffy pulls her aside.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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