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Where's Willow?

The camera pans slowly across the Summers's front porch. Willow knocks on the front door but doesn't receive an answer. She picks up her luggage and heads for the back door, where she knocks again. She then tries the knob and lets herself in. I…I…I don't even have the words. Last week we saw that Buffy and Dawn don't seem to lock the doors when they're home, and now it seems they don't lock them when they go out? My god, Buffy, you're the Slayer! Why are you making it just that much easier for your enemies to kill you in your bed?! Why couldn't the prop people give Willow a key to jingle so I wouldn't have to lose sleep at night thinking about all the demons that could just waltz into Buffy's house, hide in a closet, and kill her at their own demony leisure? Willow calls for Buffy, but the house is empty and silent. Willow heads upstairs. One of the bedrooms has a little sign on it that reads "Buffy," and Willow enters. Yep, Buffy has moved into Joyce's old room, because there's that strange connecting door to Dawn's room. There's a long, long pan around the room, including a pause on some clothes thrown on the end of the bed, and then a long shot of the window Tara was standing in front of when she was shot. Willow touches the window sadly and hears the shot, breaking glass, and her own voice exclaiming, "Tara?" She turns from the window and spots some pictures on Buffy's desk or dresser. They're hard for me to make out with my terrible UPN reception, but Willow doesn't appear in any of them. Willow wanders slowly around the room and then picks up Buffy's organizer. How nosy! I see they didn't teach her any manners over in England. Is she hoping someone left her a note there? She reads the page, which is titled "Family Numbers" and has the number for Buffy's work, Xander's office, and Dawn's cell phone. A dog barks outside, and a door slams. Willow drops the organizer and runs downstairs. However, the house is still empty. Willow sits down on the living room sofa and then curls up into a sad little ball.

The microwave clock reads 10:41 PM. Wait, it takes over an hour to get home from the airport in Sunnydale? C'mon. That works only if the airport is in another town. Or if Buffy, Dawn, Xander, and Willow all hung around the gate for a long, long time after we left them. Buffy, Xander, and Dawn enter the house through the front door. It seems they've spoken with Giles, because Buffy says Willow definitely got on the plane in London. Xander theorizes that perhaps Willow got off the plane during her layover in Chicago. Oof. I just saw all of Buffy's outfit, which appears to be a droopy, sheer cotton nightgown over jeans. Only the very top part is lined, so you can see her stomach and the waist of her pants through the fabric. She looks like a larva in that get-up. Makes Dawn's breast-cupping, ruched polka-dot top and black pants look like the height of fashion and sensibility. They speculate as to where Willow could have gone, and Dawn suggests that "ducking Giles" means Willow is still evil. Lacking in sense, certainly. They go to check their messages, and Xander slams the front door shut. Just then they hear clicking noises, like shoes on hard wood, and all stop to peer upstairs. Dawn asks, "What was that?" and they head up the stairs, calling for Willow.

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