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Where's Willow?

A little later, Buffy comes back downstairs and tells Dawn that Willow is definitely not in the house. I hope she checked for monsters in the closet too. She's also conferred with Giles, who hasn't heard anything. Everyone sit down on the sofa. Xander asks, "Is he throwing a tasteful British wiggins?" Buffy says he is, and while it's nice to have them refer to Giles and all, I'd still rather actually see him, of course. Buffy adds that Giles feels terrible about misjudging Willow's state of mind. She suggests, "Maybe it's something about us she couldn't face." Xander suggests that Willow was worried about their forgiveness, and Dawn breaks in, pointing out that Giles is blaming himself and Buffy and Xander are blaming themselves. She adds, "Is anyone going to blame Willow?" Forgive me, but I'm starting to like this stern Dawn a little. Buffy gives Dawn a look, but Dawn isn't having any of it. She asks if anyone "around here will starts asking for help when they need it." No, Dawn. Because then there would be no hour-long dramas or soap operas and television as we know it would vanish, leaving behind twenty-four hours a day of boring normal people begging Oprah and Jerry Springer for help with their boring problems. Buffy agrees that if Willow flipped out, that's her problem, and they can only be there for her if she actually shows up. Then there's a very long shot of all three of them looking sad. They slowly fade away, and we instead we see Willow, who has fallen asleep on the couch. She sleeps. Possibly in real time, considering how long the camera lingers on her.

Willow's still asleep on the sofa, but now it appears to be the next day. She wakes up and walks over to the phone. She hits speed-dial and asks for "Mr. Giles." Giles on speed-dial? I wish I had that phone. The person on the other end of the line explains that Giles is in a "council meeting" all day and can't be interrupted. "Council" like Council of Watchers, or like town council? Has Giles decided to fill his days by campaigning for local government? Nah, probably not. I just don't see Giles, after years of fighting evil on the Hellmouth, being satisfied with setting local tax rates and replacing people's lost garbage bins. Willow hangs up the phone and looks around the house. Long, slow crane shot of her standing all alone in the living room.

Sunnydale main street. Another brief crane shot of Willow walking, and then we see her approaching the destroyed Magic Box. Hey, she had all her luggage with her. Why didn't she change her clothes? God knows when I get off a transatlantic flight, the first thing I want to do is burn my icky airplane clothes and take a long, hot shower. As Willow approaches the shop, Anya comes out carrying a box. Anya flinches back towards the shop when she spots Willow, who hurries towards her, asking her to not run away. Anya demands to know what Willow is doing in Sunnydale and adds in an accusatory tone, "I thought you were with Giles studying how to not kill people." Anya wants to know if Willow came back because she's all better, or because she's there to "bring about a fiery apocalypse of death." Willow has to admit that neither option is true, but says she has been studying and will be fine. Anya snarks that she remembers the last time Willow claimed she was all better, and that she's "spent a lot of time since then cleaning the debris out of [her] ex-livelihood." Willow is apologetic; she wants to help because she "feels really responsible." Angry, Anya snaps, "You feel really responsible? You are really responsible!" Willow apologizes again, and Anya replies that vengeance demons don't care much about "sorry." They prefer to exact painful revenge that causes people to say, "Oh God! Please stop hitting me with my own rib bones." "Go on! Say whatever you want," offers Willow. "Rib bones and so forth. I deserve it." She nods, and they stare at each other. Anya's disappointed, because it's no fun to bitch out someone who welcomes the tirade. I bet I could still find ways to make that fun.

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